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#1. Anna's spiritual formation was relegated to cultural expressions of faith: the Christmas Baby Jesus and his gifts, the Easter risen Christ and his chocolate bunnies, and a copy of The Thorn Birds pulled from her mother's bookshelf.

Jill Alexander Essbaum

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#2. I remember the absolute joy I used to get out of writing. The purity of imagining something and then putting it down on paper - it was such a pleasure. I read whatever I could get my hands on, from 'Great Expectations' to 'The Thorn Birds.'

Liane Moriarty

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#3. Having done something like The Thorn Birds gives you enormous longevity. You can keep picking and choosing the roles for a bit longer.

Rachel Ward

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#4. In The Touch, the love scenes are the same as they were in The Thorn Birds or anything else I've ever written. I find a way of saying that either it was heaven or hell but in a way that still leaves room for the reader to use their own imagination.

Colleen McCullough

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#5. By the time I was 10 or 12, I had discovered the lure of the romance genre - and the dusty copy of 'The Thorn Birds' on my parents' bookshelf.

Sarah MacLean

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#6. The box was beginning to feel like another person in my house, a person with too much power for the space she took up.

Diane Chamberlain

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#7. I've always been charmed by houses, and descriptions of them are prominent in my novels. So prominent, in fact, that my editor once pointed out to me that all of my early novels had houses on the covers.

Anita Shreve

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#8. The life you are living now doesn't have to be the life you will always live.

Jenn Sadai

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#9. There is a great deal of sin that comes from homosexuals who believe their homosexuality is a sin.

Andrew Solomon

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#10. He was a hot, hot former priest and she wanted to pull a Thorn Birds on his ass.

Marjorie M. Liu

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#11. We said that we believed that the truth would set us free, and the truth was that the Sunday-school staff was burned out, that there were almost no people of color, and that if we didn't get more help, we'd have to close down.

Anne Lamott

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#12. Adults forget the depths of languor into which the adolescent mind decends with ease. They are prone to undervalue the mental growth that occurs during daydreaming and aimless wandering

Edward O. Wilson

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#13. There is a whole generation of romance readers and writers who suffer from what I like to think of as 'Thorn Birds' Fever.

Sarah MacLean

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#14. The Greeks say it's a sin against the gods to love something beyond all reason. And do you remember that they say when someone is loved so, the gods become jealous, and strike the object down in the very fullness of its flower?

Colleen McCullough

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#15. It still frightens me a little bit to think that so much of my life was totally devoted to Star Trek and almost nothing else.

Patrick Stewart

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#16. I would rather die than stay there." "Well, you might die.

Alison Croggon

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#17. I dream of working with iconic directors such as Tim Burton, Baz Luhrmann, Terry Gilliam and Wes Anderson - so I'm setting my sights pretty high! My perfect role would be in a fairy-tale period piece, and I'm quite upset all the Harry Potter movies have been made as I'd love to have been in those.

Dree Hemingway

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#18. Men lived like fishes; the great ones devoured the small.

Algernon Sidney

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#19. Does not the New Testament exhort us to extend a hand to one who has fallen? Professor Sumner would have us place a foot on the fallen one as he lies prone and pitiable, the better to remain his superior.

Wally Lamb

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#20. I would even go to Washington, which is saying something for me, just to glimpse Jane Q. Public, being sworn in as the first female president of the United States, while her husband holds the Bible and wears a silly pill box hat and matching coat.

Anna Quindlen

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