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#1. Ive had Malcolm since I was 12. - Author: Frankie Muniz
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#2. If you're not having fun, your pictures will reflect that. - Author: Joe McNally
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#3. I despise a person of little mind - one might as well not have any. - Author: Emma Dunham Kelley-Hawkins
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#4. I won't slave for beggar's pay, likewise gold and jewels, but I would slave to learn the way, to sink your ship of fools. - Author: Robert Hunter
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#5. I think you will like your life in the Transport Service, but it'll be far from normal. Being a slave ... or a goatherd's wife ... is closer to normal. A deep-space response ship pilot is a very, very rare thing. - Author: J.Z. Colby
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#6. they ask for water we give them sea
they ask for bread we give them sea
they ask for life we give them only the sea - Author: M. NourbeSe Philip
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#7. The success of the abolitionist movement lay in its making real for people in Britain and America the slave ship's pervasive and utterly instrumental terror, which was indeed its defining feature. - Author: Marcus Rediker
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#8. From the slave ship to the citizenship we faced a lot of bullship - Author: Amiri Baraka
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#9. Learn to let go or everything you have ever done will be in vain. You will let go of everything right now." He told me, staring into my blue eyes with his big golden orbs. "You are going to let go of everything in this world and let yourself become nothing. Do you understand? - Author: Grace Fiorre
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#10. The dead have highways." Clive Barker - Author: Clive Barker
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#11. Nobody had ever instructed him that a slave-ship, with a procession of expectant sharks in its wake, is a missionary institution, by which closely-packed heathen are brought over to enjoy the light of the Gospel. - Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
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#12. It's time for Black people to stop playing the separating game of geography, of where the slave ship put us down. We must concentrate on where the slave ship picked us up. - Author: John Henrik Clarke
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#13. And so, whether they came here on the Mayflower, on a slave ship, or on an airplane from Havana, we are all descendants of the men and women who built here the nation that saved the world. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#14. How many movements began when an aesthetic encounter indelibly changed our past perceptions of the world? It was an abolitionist's print, not logical argument, which dealt the final blow to the slave trade - the broadside of Description of a Slave Ship (1789). - Author: Sarah Lewis
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#15. The Islamic community today is faced with a new version of an old struggle. My late mother used to say it doesn't matter whether you came to this country on the Mayflower or on a slave ship, through Ellis Island or the Rio Grande. We're all in the same boat now. - Author: Carol Moseley Braun
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#16. If I'm sitting around exulting over traffic data, I'm an idiot. - Author: Ezra Klein
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#17. The Bible says that man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward. Well, trouble followed me like sharks trailing a slave ship. Even when I tried to get away it was there swirling in a vortex around me. - Author: Adrian McKinty
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#18. You can say I had a severe case of 'Roots' envy. I wanted to be like Alex Haley, and I wanted to be able to ... do my family tree back to the slave ship and then reverse the Middle Passage, as I like to put it, and find the tribe or ethnic group that I was from in Africa. - Author: Henry Louis Gates
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#19. The mere toleration of the slave trade could not make slavery itself - the right of property in man - lawful any where; not even on board the slave ship. Toleration of a wrong is not law. - Author: Lysander Spooner
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