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Top 30 The Producers Movie Quotes

#1. What I think after reading the script and seeing where the story goes, I go with my instincts on the character. If my instincts are wrong the director and the producers will guide me in the right direction. That's just kind of how I take on any role, be it a fantasy movie or not. - Author: Josh Hutcherson
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#2. It can really vary from movie to movie what the producer's role is and there are all kinds of producers. There are line producers who do a lot of the nuts and bolts work on the set. - Author: Nina Jacobson
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#3. When a picture can't make it on its own, the producers pull in a 'controversial' message - the way a couple whose marriage is falling apart decide to have a baby. - Author: Pauline Kael
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#4. You have to resist falling in love with the money they [producers] want to give you. You have to really resist that, and you have to just think about the work and whether it's a movie that you would want to see. - Author: Ice Cube
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#5. I'm not in the movie business anymore, and hardly any 70 year olds are. I always ask the producers: 'Are there no 70-year old vampires?' Apparently there are not - or even zombies for that matter. I guess they all get eaten. - Author: Brian Dennehy
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#6. Directing is the last frontier for women in the movie business. We are studio heads, we are producers and we are writers, but we are not directors in any numbers. - Author: Lynda Obst
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#7. Nic [Cage] is more than just a fantastic actor. He will get your movie made. The first thing that we did is that we went to producers and there were a lot of great producers. - Author: Todd Farmer
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#8. The producers and I first talked about the Big Fish musical, right before we did the first test screening of the movie. I said, "I think there's a Broadway musical here." And really, from that day, we started figuring out how we would do it. - Author: John August
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#9. Unfortunately, the author of a book pretty much gives up control of the story when the producers take over a book to make it into a movie. - Author: Rodman Philbrick
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#10. If America's tv and movie producers are unwilling to clean up their act ... when it comes to sex, bloodshed and violence in their programming ... the government stands ready to step in. - Author: Janet Reno
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#11. When a movie is about to come out on its initial debut, there are a lot of people involved - the financiers, the studio and the producers and also, many times, the foreign distributors. So it is a time of tremendous pressure and uncertainty. - Author: Francis Ford Coppola
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#12. A lot of producers now are people who stay in their office and never go to the set. I don't know how you can be the advocate of the movie if you're not there in it every day. - Author: Gale Anne Hurd
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#13. Tatiana Alvarez, who also became a queen of the wheels of steel in L.A., has now sold her incredible cross-dressing, reverse 'Tootsie' story to Warner Bros. in Hollywood, and hotshot producers Mike Medavoy, Brian Medavoy and Erwin More have reunited to turn it into a movie. - Author: Robin Leach
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#14. Coming from the industry and maintaining contacts with producers and directors, I am very well aware that costs associated with movie production are a major factor in determining where films get made. - Author: James Costos
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#15. I always say to people when I'm trying to get something going, bringing on other producers or other directors, "You can think of 95 reasons why not to make a movie. You've got to address why you want to make the movie and get it done. Just do it." I tend to live by that rule. - Author: Ridley Scott
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#16. Producers and studios know what sells. It's nice to be one of the guys that can help sell a movie by taking his shirt off. - Author: Kellan Lutz
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#17. As producers, we can influence where the budget goes, but only the director really controls what tone, what type of movie you are trying to make. - Author: Michelle Yeoh
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#18. On every movie I've done as a director, I look at the producers and having done it, I don't envy them, at all. - Author: Griffin Dunne
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#19. The best complement I ever got from the public or producers or directors is that I just totally blend in and become the character and they don't notice me and that the play happens or the movie happens or the TV show happens. - Author: J.K. Simmons
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#20. When you do a movie in the studio system, there's a committee. A committee of six or seven people you answer to. There's two or three producers, a studio executive and one or two people above that studio executive. - Author: Thomas Lennon
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#21. I got so far away from what they told you in acting class: Do something different. Producers kept offering me the 'Sister Act' movie, but I said, 'My fans don't want to see me in a wimple.' I literally said, 'My fans don't want to see me in a wimple.' - Author: Bette Midler
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#22. One of the great things is, you're never a producer unless you're making a movie. - Author: Rick McCallum
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#23. Producers say things that they would like to see in the movie but they don't see the full picture. In the end if you ignore everything the producers say, of course, you get fired; but then if you listen to a producer on everything then it's like 'Hey - why don't you direct your own movie?' - Author: Ryuhei Kitamura
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#24. My dad always produces, and I would always sit in producers' meetings with him. I like the whole thing of putting a movie together. I think that's very exciting. - Author: Dominik Garcia-Lorido
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#25. They're making a movie about Barack and Michelle Obama's first date, called 'Southside With You,' and the producers say they've already cast someone to play young Barack Obama. Now, I'm not saying the president has aged a lot but that young actor is Morgan Freeman. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#26. Everybody gets typecast in movies, but you have to make wise choices. I'd say around 90 percent of movie casting is about the way you look, so you have to fight that. If producers had their way, I'd only be in action films, but I'm interested in a more varied career than that. - Author: Famke Janssen
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#27. I still remember 1997 when I made the movie 'Storm Riders;' that moment, a lot of American producers want to hire me to make movies in the States. - Author: Andrew Lau
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#28. Producers don't like the director who ignores their opinion - but I always try not to be the nicest person when making a movie. It's easy to do that. Just say 'Yes sir', Alright', 'Okay' - but they're not seeing the movie because if they can, they should be directing the movie. - Author: Ryuhei Kitamura
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#29. If you think of movie studio executives, say, as society, then I root for the independent producers. - Author: Donald E. Westlake
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#30. At the Hong Kong festival, we were co-producers of the opening film, 'Aberdeen,' which is the third part in a popular movie series. - Author: Victor Koo
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