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#1. After a while, the anger I felt just sort of became part of me, like it was the only way I knew how to handle the grief. I didn't like who I'd become, but I was stuck in this horrible cycle of questions and blame.

Nicholas Sparks

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#2. A study of animal communities has this advantage: they are merely what they are, for anyone to see who will and can look clearly; they cannot complicate the picture by worded idealisms, by saying one thing and being another; here the struggle is unmasked and the beauty is unmasked.

John Steinbeck

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#3. High bankruptcy rates, increased credit card debt, and identity theft make it imperative that all of us take an active role in providing financial and economic education during all stages of one's life.

Ruben Hinojosa

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#4. Belief is involuntary; nothing involuntary is meritorious or reprehensible. A man ought not to be considered worse or better for his belief.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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#5. No more to say, and nothing to weep for

Allen Ginsberg

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#6. For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life.

William Blake

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#7. The dance is not where we lose ourselves. But where we find ourselves.

Gabrielle Roth

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#8. If I thought it was my identity to be a spiritual teacher, that would be a delusion. It's not an identity. It's simply a function in this world.

Eckhart Tolle

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#9. She's more of a 'standing really still and hoping nothing eats her' sort of girl.

Seanan McGuire

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#10. As with mosquitoes, horseflies, and most bloodsucking parasites, Kenneth Starr was spawned in stagnant water.

James Carville

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