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#1. Forgetting: that, too, was the heart's slow way of healing, but it could only be done alone. Love and loss turns us into the most solitary of creatures, their mysteries can never entirely be shared. - Author: Eric Gamalinda
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#2. I want him so badly it hurts. But I want all of him. Not just the sex. I want his smiles and his teasing, his smouldering looks. His sad eyes when he thinks nobody's watching. Most of all, I want his heart. - Author: L. H. Cosway
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#3. I find most of the human race extraordinarily repulsive. They probably reciprocate this feeling. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#4. We're all going to die. Most of us will leave no mark of our existence behind what-so-ever. Not a stain or a smudge or a smear on the face of history. I think that's sad." It made Romney horribly regretful to think that the fat man was right. - Author: Oliver Tidy
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#5. As a general rule, US-based multinationals should not be trusted until they prove otherwise. This is sad, because they have the capability to provide the best and most trusted services in the world if they actually desire to do so. - Author: Edward Snowden
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#6. So why must it wound him that the most despairing music is full of beauty? Why must it hurt him and make him cynical and sad and untrusting? - Author: Anne Rice
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#7. Oh, most think he's barking, the potty wee lad, but some are more kindly and think he's just sad, but Peevesy knows better and says that he's mad. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#8. It wasn't that she was sad - sadness had very little to do with it, really, considering that most of the time, she felt close to nothing at all. Feeling required nerves, connections, sensory input. The only thing she felt was numb. And tired. Yes, she very frequently felt tired. - Author: Nenia Campbell
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#9. The thing about the human race is, It turns up against everything or everyone that it loses its faith and belief on. And the saddest thing to witness is, Most of it have lost its faith towards humanity. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#10. Moshing, for most of them, is a celebration of the moment, of the sad fact that it is only a moment. - Author: Joe Ambrose
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#11. The sad truth is that societies that demand whistleblowers be martyrs often find themselves without either, and always when it matters the most. - Author: Edward Snowden
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#12. For years The National has been labeled as a gloomy kind of rock bandI think mostly because of Matt's deep baritone voice, which even if he is singing about unicorns and butterflies, he just sounds sad most of the time. - Author: Bryce Dessner
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#13. Here is the story of how I died. I wish it were a glamorous story; sadly, there was little glamour in my death. The end for everyone is much the same, sad, lonely, and cold. Only, most people don't wake up again, I did. And I was hungry, so bloody hungry. - Author: L.A. Kennedy
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#14. She says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts the most. - Author: Sandra Bullock
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#15. The most important thing is sensitivity. Many people have sex and don't feel anything, and that seems kind of sad to me. The answer is not necessarily the avoidance of sex, but learning to be sensitive and to love and to care. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#16. The last few years have been my happiest. I'm happy in the years that most people are blue and sad and waiting to die. I don't feel that a bit. Smiling has a lot to do with it. You can just lift your spirits by smiling a little bit. - Author: William Proxmire
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#17. Where did you hear that song?" I ask her without sitting up.
"From the HC," she says, blushing. "A little girl sang it. It's soothing."
"It's sad."
"Most things are. - Author: Pierce Brown
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#18. It's a strange thing, you have said it thousands of times I am sure ... you will never know what you can do until you try. However the sad truth is, that most people never try anything until they know they can do it. - Author: Bob Proctor
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#19. Most people in America don't believe that "God" is a dirty word, but the sad fact is that some Americans are left to wonder whether the Supreme Court might have greater regard for it if it was. - Author: John Cornyn
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#20. It's sad that the most glorious of sexual experiences can make us feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, and abnormal. - Author: Sue Johanson
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#21. The victims of social injustice, since time eternal, have always been without the resources and the ability to fight back. They are defenseless and voiceless. Thee sad aspect of social injustice is that the defenseless and voiceless are the ones who most need a defense and a strong, vibrant voice. - Author: Tommy Makem
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#22. I can hope that this long sad story, this progression of priests and ministers and rabbis and ulamas and imams and bonzes and bodhisattvas, will come to an end. I hope this is something to which science can contribute ... it may be the most important contribution that we can make. - Author: Steven Weinberg
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#23. I learned that writing is the consolation prize you are given when you don't get the thing you want the most. - Author: Lang Leav
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#24. His eyes are unfathomably sad as he lifts my chin. "Most people," Cain says, "are nothing but glimmers in the great darkness of time. But you, Helene Aquilla, are no swift-burning spark. You are a torch against the night - if you dare to let yourself burn." "Just - Author: Sabaa Tahir
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#25. NASA's been one of the most successful public investments in motivating students to do well and achieve all they can achieve, and it's sad that we are turning the program in a direction where it will reduce the amount of motivation it provides to young people. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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#26. What is hardest to accept about the passage of time is that the people who once mattered the most to us wind up in parentheses. - Author: John Irving
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#27. Despite recent sad developments, cricket will survive and remain our most noble game and I shall always remain proud of the part I played in its history and development - Author: Donald Bradman
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#28. The sad truth is that most Christians spend their entire lives trying to score points with Someone who is not keeping score. - Author: Wayne Jacobsen
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#29. I think it's sad when people stop dreaming, or start losing hope. Because holding onto the bonkers dream might just turn out to be the most marvellous thing you ever did. - Author: Miranda Hart
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#30. Would he be happy? Joan hoped so. But somehow he seemed a man fated always to yearn after that which he could not have, to choose for himself the rockiest, most difficult path. She would pray for him, as for all the other sad and troubled souls who must travel roads alone. - Author: Donna Woolfolk Cross
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#31. It is always sad to leave a place to which one knows one will never return. Such are the melancolies du voyage: perhaps they are one of the most rewarding things about traveling. - Author: Gustave Flaubert
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#32. The most difficult thing in this world is to adopt the spirit and attitude of a warrior. It is no use being sad, complaining, feeling unjustly treated, and believing someone is doing something negative. No one is doing anything, and certainly not to a warrior. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#33. I think the bottom line is that if you get through a childhood like mine, it's not at all bad. Obviously, you come out a pretty tough turkey, and you have had all the inoculations you need to keep you on a level keel for the rest of your life. The sad part is, most of us don't come out. - Author: James A. Michener
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#34. The most disgusting thing is that you're always sad about something! - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#35. And the rain drops kept falling like the sweetest music
leaving tears on the glass,
which is what music does to me
most of the time
but silence too. and rain. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
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#36. This business of earning your daily bread is really sad and wearisome. People come up with the most pious lies about work. It's just another abominable form of idolatry, a dog licking the rod that beats it: work. - Author: Luther Blissett
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#37. A lot of country music is sad. I think most art comes out of poverty and hard times. It applies to music. Three chords and the truth - that's what a country song is. There is a lot of heartache in the world. - Author: Willie Nelson
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#38. The weight of this sad time we must obey,
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.
The oldest hath borne most: we that are young
Shall never see so much, nor live so long. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#39. If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies ... It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#40. The sad truth is that most of my husbands turned out to be convincing liars. - Author: Joan Collins
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#41. Sometimes we are given exactly what we need. The precise people that you need the most come stumbling into your life. Sometimes you don't notice, and this is very sad. Sometimes you lose them again. This is sad too, but not as sad. Because what you have once had together you have forever. - Author: Linda Olsson
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#42. One of the most common questions writers are asked is "Where do you get your ideas?" But the sad truth is, we don't know. Ideas can come at any time and from any direction: in the shower, waiting for an elevator, or while bouncing across Wikipedia pages. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#43. Death isn't sad. The sad thing is: most people don't live at all. - Author: Nick Nolte
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#44. One of the most difficult things he'd ever done was turn away and leave her standing in the shadows. - Author: Rachel Gibson
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#45. O, if there be any kind of life most sad, and deepest in the scale of pity, it is the dry, cold impotence of one, who has honestly set to the work of his own self-redemption. - Author: Horace Bushnell
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#46. My heart is tuned to sorrow, and the strings Vibrate most readily to minor chords, Searching and sad; my mind is stuffed with words Which voice the passion and the ache of things: Illusions beating with their baffled wings Against the walls of circumstance. - Author: Amy Lowell
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#47. But I can tell by watching you That there's no chance of pushing through The odds are so against us You know most young love, it ends like this. - THE AVETT BROTHERS, I WOULD BE SAD - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#48. When you're happy you don't always have to be laughing, and when you're sad you don't have to be crying; sometimes it's the opposite. You laugh when you're the most upset. - Author: Freddie Highmore
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#49. I know there must be other navigable paths where either nothing happens, that night or later, or where, when the idea to just pull the curtain on most things and then on everything, just because crosses my mind, I let the moment pass, and I go to sleep like everyone else did on my street that night. - Author: John Darnielle
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#50. People don't really care about lyrics anymore. It's kinda really sad, like they'll listen to something musically and has a really cool beat down or something, that's great, that's good enough; but the message is the most important thing. - Author: Roger Miret
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#51. Nothing, not even dictionaries, can tell you what anything means," he said. "The reality of things is just sad, for the most part. - Author: Tom Rachman
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#52. Scientology is probably one of the most misunderstood things, and it's sad that it's so misunderstood. - Author: Stanley Clarke
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#53. The modern chicken is both a technological triumph and a poster child for all that is sad and nightmarish about our industrial agriculture. The most engineered creature in history is also the world's most commonly mistreated animal. - Author: Andrew Lawler
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#54. As he reached the door of the chapel and turned back for a last look, he saw that the Virgin too was sad and lonely; the most alone human being God ever put on earth. - Author: Irving Stone
The Most Sad Quotes #543100
#55. I liked music that I didn't have to think about, and most country songs spelled it right out for the listener. The girl was mad because the guy cheated, the guy was mad his pickup got trashed, everyone was sad the dog died, and Taylor Swift had about as much luck with men as I did. - Author: Jay Crownover
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#56. Death is not sad; the sad thing is that most people don't really live at all. - Author: Dan Millman
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#57. When I write, it is always the melody that comes first, and it just happens to be the case that the most beautiful tunes are sad, and the lyrics follow the mood of the melody. - Author: Francoise Hardy
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#58. You and I, of course, would never do this to any of our grieving acquaintances, but it is a sad truth in life that when someone has lost a loved one, friends sometimes avoid the person, just when the presence of friends is most needed. - P. 34 - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#59. In the 1970s, British food was beginning to get good, whereas in France it was just starting its long, sad decline. My most memorable meals, however, have been in Italy. - Author: Sebastian Faulks
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#60. I see it in the people that do the real work, and what's sad in a way is that the people that are the most giving, hardworking, and capable of making this world better, usually don't have the ego and ambition to be a leader. - Author: Celine
The Most Sad Quotes #591522
#61. I'd stay there, or not, and I'd eat, or not, and I'd drink, or not, and go home, or not, and what I did or didn't do wouldn't matter to anyone at all. And I walked for most of the day. Do people get sad on holiday sometimes? I can imagine they do, having all that time to think. - Author: Nick Hornby
The Most Sad Quotes #605119
#62. Peter Forsberg's skills and determination made him one of the most powerful forwards in the NHL during the best years of his career. Hearing of his retirement is sad news but one day every athlete has to come to this decision. He should be very proud of all he accomplished throughout his career. - Author: Patrick Roy
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#63. I pay attention. Nothing more than that."
"You make it sound like it's no big deal to pay attention when the sad fact is, most people don't. It takes a lot of energy to listen. - Author: Lauren Dane
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#64. I think that the tendency for most people is to fall back on a comic interpretation of things because things are so sad, so terrible. If you didn't laugh you'd kill yourself. But the truth of the matter is that existence in general is very very tragic, very very sad, very brutal and very unhappy. - Author: Woody Allen
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#65. I know that you're sad right now. Grieve, but don't hold onto it. Grief smothers out life. Let it go. Remember me and be happy. You have an incredible life ahead of you. Make the most of every minute. Starting right now. - Author: Kim Holden
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#66. Mistakes are very seldom permanent, most of them can be fixed with less difficulty and drama than one imagines, and there's nothing shameful about them. There is, however, something sad and limiting about the fear of making them. - Author: Peter Buffett
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#67. I like to play the grey areas in life - that's the most uncomfortable place to be. Nobody likes to be in that in-between state where there don't know what's going to happen. There's a lot of tension in that, and a lot of stuff to play with - where it's uncomfortable and awkward and sad and scary. - Author: Melanie Lynskey
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#68. Thus one finds much more happiness in the world than sad eyes see, if one only reckons rightly, and does not forget all those moments of comfort in which every day is rich, even in the most harried of human lives. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#69. Insurrection, never so necessary, is a most sad necessity; and governors who wait for that to instruct them are surely getting into the fatalest course. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#70. Sometimes, you don't get what you want the most ... At other times, you're just lucky. - Author: Sanhita Baruah
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#71. It's sad when you see most of your friends in the business gone, like Tommy Cooper, Frankie Howard, Eric Morecambe, Roy Castle, Les Dawson. They were very dear to me. You no longer have the chance to bump into them at a celebrity do. - Author: Bruce Forsyth
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#72. The children we bring into the world are small replicas of ourselves and our husbands; the pride and joy of grandfathers and grandmothers. We dream of being mothers, and for most of us that dreams are realised naturally. For this is the Miracle of Life. - Author: Azelene Williams
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#73. The work of Liszt I most admire is the music he wrote toward the end of his life. This is often music of tremendous inventiveness. The music seems to be seeking something. It tends to be restless, unpredictable, often very sad. - Author: Michael Hersch
The Most Sad Quotes #787039
#74. How sad is it that this tiff sort of cheers me up? If two of the most distinguished, dedicated, and thoughtful public servants in the history of this republic could not find a way to agree to disagree, how can we expect the current crop of congressional blockheads to get along? While - Author: Sarah Vowell
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#75. The most sad and dangerous people are the ones who are desperate to be like you. The people dress like you, try to talk like you. That's called a whitchcraft act. - Author: Euginia Herlihy
The Most Sad Quotes #797725
#76. I always try to cheer myself up by singing when I get sad. Most of the time, it turns out that my voice is worse than my problems! - Author: Anonymous
The Most Sad Quotes #798578
#77. To the deepest, most cellular level of my being, I resent people who believe that depression is the same as weakness, that "sad" people must be coddled like helpless toddlers. - Author: Emery Lord
The Most Sad Quotes #806773
#78. Most Christians are sheltered within their own groups and are too busy arguing with other Christians to notice the sad state of Christianity in a broader sense. - Author: Mark Driscoll
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#79. Sometimes the sound of silence is the most deafening sound of all. - Author: K.L. Toth
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#80. Don't be sad! Because God sends hope in the most desperate moments. Don't forget, the heaviest rain comes out of the darkest clouds. - Author: Rumi
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#81. The more you start to love someone, the more you ache when they're gone, and maybe it's that middle ground that hurts the most, when you can see them and still not feel like you're near enough. - Author: Robin Benway
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#82. To the indefinite, uncertain mind of the American radical the most contradictory ideas and methods are possible. The result is a sad chaos in the radical movement, a sort of intellectual hash, which has neither taste nor character. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#83. The past 6 and a half years have been the most amazing years of my life. It's sad it has come to an end but Avril and I are still family and moving forward in the most positive way possible. - Author: Deryck Whibley
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#84. I'm not sure how to describe my style. A lot of my work is dark and looks a bit sad, which is strange because I'm such a smiley, over-the-top positive guy who wears gold shoes most days. - Author: Aaron Huey
The Most Sad Quotes #909465
#85. The sad thing is, I was discovering that you almost have to make a joke of being good to strangers. Up and down the country, these people doing their good deeds were doubtless being seen as slightly eccentric, when in reality and in an ideal world they should be deemed the most normal people of all. - Author: Danny Wallace
The Most Sad Quotes #927288
#86. The sad truth is that it is precisely those who disagree most with the hypothesis of efficient market pricing of stocks, those who pooh-pooh beta analysis and all that, who are least able to understand the analysis needed to test that hypothesis. - Author: Paul Samuelson
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#87. Stannis, my lord, my sad sullen boy, son I never had, you must not do this, don't you know how I have cared for you, lived for you, loved you despite all? Yes, loved you, better than Robert even, or Renly, for you were the one unloved, the one who needed me most. - Author: George R R Martin
The Most Sad Quotes #942185
#88. NASA has been one of the most successful public investments in motivating students to do well and achieve all they can achieve. It's sad that we are turning the programme in a direction where it will reduce the amount of motivation and stimulation it provides to young people. - Author: Neil Armstrong
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#89. It's sad to know you've gone through it all, or most of it, without ... that the one body you'v wrapped your arms around, the only skin you've ever known, is your own ... and that's it's dry, and not warm. - Author: Edward Albee
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#90. Everything in the world's got a voice; most people don't hear hard enough is all. Sunrise sounds like slow chords dripping from my guitar this morning. Sad chords, in B-flat. - Author: Cath Crowley
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#91. The unhappiest people I know, romantically speaking, are the ones who like pop music the most; and I don't know whether pop music has caused this unhappiness, but I do know that they've been listening to the sad songs longer than they've been living the unhappy lives. - Author: Nick Hornby
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#92. It's been a bit sad to see that out of Linux distributions, it was Android - the most successful mobile Linux distribution - that has really introduced the malware problem to the Linux world. - Author: Mikko Hypponen
The Most Sad Quotes #989933
#93. It's a sad place, but then I seem to find most places sad, and maybe it's me who's sad and not the places after all. Maybe there's nowhere I can go, and no point in going. - Author: Sara Baume
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#94. Art is the most beautiful deception of all. And although people try to incorporate the everyday events of life in it, we must hope that it will remain a deception lest it become a utilitarian thing, sad as a factory. - Author: Claude Debussy
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#95. If you don't pay bribes, people think you're odd. It's very sad. I cannot say that I'm proud to be an Indonesian. This is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. - Author: Edwin Soeryadjaya
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#96. One sad thing about this world is that the acts that take the most out of you are usually the ones that people will never know about.
(from 'Celestial Navigation') - Author: Anne Tyler
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#97. My life was being planned in sentences that started with 'We' instead of 'I', yet it felt like the most natural transition in the world. - Author: Heather Demetrios
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#98. He knew he would always be the sad one: caged in that little round of skull, imprisoned in that beating and most secret heart, his life must always walk down lonely passages. Lost. He understood that men were forever strangers to one another, that no one ever comes really to know any one, - Author: Thomas Wolfe
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#99. Sex is all right" he says
"It's all right at the time, and it's all right before" says Lise, "but the problem is afterwards. That is, if you're not an animal. Most of the time, afterwards is pretty sad. - Author: Muriel Spark
The Most Sad Quotes #1070880
#100. Hopefully not by sad experience, you will find that some interactions most private, can be the coldest and most closed off, and some interactions seemingly common or casual can be the most intimate. - Author: Michael Brent Jones
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