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#1. There was Virginia Boote, the food and restaurant critic, who had once been a great beauty but was now a grand and magnificent ruin, and who delighted in her ruination. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#2. Nourish yourself with grand and austere ideas of beauty that feed the soul Seek solitude. - Author: Eugene Delacroix
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#3. I'm in the eighth grade and am not the height of the rest of my class. But I don't worry about that. I'm just me! - Author: Bobb'e J. Thompson
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#4. The thing that surprised me the most is just how much money women that weren't rich were paying for their hair. When you're in a beauty parlor in Harlem next to abandoned buildings and somebody's paying five grand for a weave, that's a bit much. - Author: Chris Rock
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#5. In moments among my various agonies, I noticed the beauty that surrounded me, the wonder of things both small and large: the color of a desert flower that brushed against me on the trail or the grand sweep of the sky as the sun faded over the mountains. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
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#6. The sun rises over the Grand Canyon, igniting rocks that have been there for two billion years before we were born and will likely remain two billion years after we're gone. My heart aches with the cruel and unimaginable beauty of it. We are nothing. We are everything. - Author: Sarah Ockler
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#7. He was charmed out of all reason as he watched her, this sandy, disheveled, storytelling mermaid, who seemed already to belong to him and yet wanted nothing to do with him. His heart worked in strange rhythms, as if it were struggling to adjust to a brand new metronome. What was happening to him? - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#8. If anything can rival Venice in its beauty, it must be its reflection at sunset in the Grand Canal. - Author: Peggy Guggenheim
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#9. Grand opera is the most powerful of stage appeals and that almost entirely through the beauty of music. - Author: John Philip Sousa
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#10. History, for better or worse, is 'us' on a grand scale - full of secrets, beauty, fear, longing, and stifled love. Without history, our lives would not be complete, and we could not be, in the best sense, fully 'human. - Author: Boria Sax
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#11. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe it. A flower is beautiful. But this is beautiful the way that a person is beautiful- terrifying with its jagged edges, yet seductive with its crevices that hide so many secrets. - Author: Jeri Smith-Ready
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#12. If you've wrecked one train, you've wrecked them all. - Author: Charles Addams
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#13. Abra was ready ere I called her name. And though I called another, Abra came. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#14. Nature was one of the key forces that brought me back to God, for I wanted to know the Artist responsible for beauty such as I saw on grand scale in photos from space telescopes or on minute scale such as in the intricate designs on a butterfly wing. - Author: Philip Yancey
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#15. Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
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#16. He that can enjoy the intimacy of the great, and on no occasion disgust them by familiarity, or disgrace himself by servility, proves that he is as perfect a gentleman by nature as his companions are by rank. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#17. I promise you that the same stuff galaxies are made of, you are. The same energy that swings planets around stars makes electrons dance in your heart. It is in you, outside you, you are it. It is beautiful. Trust in this. And you your life will be grand. - Author: Kamal Ravikant
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#18. The mystery and art of living are as grand as the sweep of a lifetime and the lifetime of a species. And they are as close as beginning, quietly, to mine whatever grace and beauty, whatever healing and attentiveness, are possible in this moment and the next and the next one after that. - Author: Krista Tippett
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#19. Water is the grand epic of creation; and there is not a human soul but feels the influence of its majesty, its power, or its beauty. - Author: Sarah Josepha Hale
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#20. Vision and rest and work and joy and Jesus and difficulty are meant to coexist. But too often, caught up in our own cycle of striving and numbing, we lose sight of the beauty and grand story unfolding. - Author: Jennie Allen
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#21. You've made something grand, but it will be grander if it has feeling and beauty and harmony. - Author: Alan Lightman
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#22. The glories and the beauties of form, color, and sound unite in the Grand Canyon - forms unrivaled even by the mountains, colors that vie with sunsets, and sounds that span the diapason from tempest to tinkling raindrop, from cataract to bubbling fountain. - Author: John Wesley Powell
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#23. The grand show is eternal
It is always sunrise somewhere - Author: John Muir
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#24. I tend to like to make my statements more in fashion than in beauty, because what I normally respond to is when someone looks really effortless and deconstructed, beauty-wise, and they're fashion is really grand. Someone like Kate Moss is a great example. - Author: Blake Lively
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#25. The grand style arises when beauty wins a victory over the monstrous. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#26. Both the grand and the intimate aspects of nature can be revealed in the expressive photograph. Both can stir enduring affirmations and discoveries, and can surely help the spectator in his search for identification with the vast world of natural beauty and wonder surrounding him. - Author: Ansel Adams
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#27. This landscape is animate: it moves, transposes, builds, proceeds, shifts, always going on, never coming back, and one can only retain it in vignettes, impressions caught in a flash, flipped through in succession, leaving a richness of images imprinted on a sunburned retina. - Author: Ann Zwinger
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#28. The last I knew you were going to a party. just a few friends at the McEvoys' you told me. The science club, you told me. What happened? You got into a fight about the theory of relativity? Did creationists crash the party and start a rumble? - Author: Tami Hoag
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#29. Life isn't all grand, but it isn't all miserable either. There's both sweet and sour in every day. So why focus on the ugly when you can gaze at what's beautiful? Concentrate on the good. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#30. When I was married, I wasn't loving myself. Now I'm in love with myself. I will get married again. - Author: Patti LaBelle
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#31. Your spiritual developement is a divine path that leads to truth, goodness and beauty;
it is a spiritual path reflecting the unlimited, absolute nature of the universe
and the ultimate grand design of creation. - Author: Morihei Ueshiba
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#32. When a writer tries to copy another writer, it's doomed to fail. - Author: Sophie Hannah
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#33. A woman was and is one of God's most magnificent creations. As a matter of fact, she was His grand finale. After He fashioned Eve, creation was complete and He took a rest! God has placed in our hearts a love for beauty and a desire to be beautiful - as He defines it. - Author: Sharon Jaynes
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#34. See you in the funny papers, he said. Jaunty, he reminded himself; always jaunty. In my panache is their hope for salvation. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#35. Beauty is not all there is of poetry. It must contain the truth. It is not simply an oak, rude and grand, neither is it simply a vine. It is both. Around the oak of truth runs the vine of beauty. - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
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#36. We had once called out hello into the cauldron of the world and then run away before anyone could respond. - Author: Miranda July
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#37. Franklin's illness ... gave him strength and courage he had not had before. He had to think out the fundamentals of living and learn the greatest of all lessons - infinite patience and never ending persistence. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#38. I love you for your courage and your honestly. I love you for seeing things in me that aren't there. - Author: Heather Sunseri
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#39. I enjoy going to the Y. I take all the fitness classes that my dad takes; that's sort of our bonding - anything athletic, anything sports related. - Author: Alyson Stoner
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