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#1. Wow," she said. "That's one sweet pussy tattoo. Only you could make that look manly.

Jenni Moen

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#2. Anyone who believes in indefinite growth in anything physical, on a physically finite planet, is either mad or an economist.

Kenneth E. Boulding

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#3. Rhine. The river that, somewhere out there, has broken free.

Lauren DeStefano

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#4. I think I probably have a creepy kind of scary quality. Otherwise, I wouldn't get jobs. But I also think it has a little bit to do with, you've done it a couple times, and then people see you that way.

Tom Noonan

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#5. Success is not arriving at the summit of a mountain as a final destination. It is a continuing upward spiral of progress. It is perpetual growth.

Wilferd Peterson

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#6. I grew up in a normal family. I have sweet parents, who are still married. But my life is so different from how I thought it would be.

Gwen Stefani

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#7. if you only let your thoughts go, they can come up with all sorts of things, conjuring up images of anyone at all, making caricatures of even the people that you know and love most.
The self-preservation instinct. Let your subconscious make parodies of your loss and anxiety and jealousy.

Mons Kallentoft

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#8. I have a very high opinion of Steve King and his ability, so I would encourage him to consider any position for higher office.

Michele Bachmann

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#9. My whole life sort of ended when my mom died.

Cheryl Strayed

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#10. She loved him in a deep and singular way, almost as though God had crafted one heart in heaven, then split it between Holden's body and hers, fating her to a never-ending longing to be with him, or a fractional life without him. She

Katy Regnery

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#11. The word "souvenir" has, of course, slightly extended itself in meaning until it now denotes almost anything either breakable or useless; but even today, ninety per cent of the items covered by the word are forgettable objects in which cigarettes can be left to go stale.

Alan Coren

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#12. It was a light that shone over our faces, our wounds and scars. It was a light so brilliant and white it could have been beamed from heaven, and Brian and I could have been angels, basking in it. But it wasn't, and we weren't.

Scott Heim

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#13. The meanest hut with love in it is a palace fit for the gods, and a palace without love is a den only fit for wild beasts.

Robert Green Ingersoll

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#14. Stuffwise we are not a lean operation. We're the kind of people who, if we were deciding what absolute minimum essential items we'd need to carry in our backpacks for the final, treacherous ascent to the summit of Mount Everest, would take along aquarium filters, just in case.

Dave Barry

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#15. And that destination for which we should strive is one of a successful life not necessarily a life of success.

Andy Andrews

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#16. The thing you gotta get is, a sister's any sister at all, she stands by her sisters side or takes her back no matter how she feels about her sisters man or the shit that goes down between her sister and her man.

Kristen Ashely

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#17. And for myself, I think for the present He is calling me to another land; but how long shall be my abode, or what employment He has for me there, I know not, for I cannot think He is taking me there to live and lurk only.

Donald Cargill

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#18. Woman is a vulgar animal from whom man has created an excessively beautiful ideal.

Gustave Flaubert

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