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#1. Sustainability is no longer optional. Companies that fail to adopt such practices will perish. They will not only lose cost basis: they will also suffer in recruiting employees as well as attracting customers. - Author: John Replogle
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#2. You've heard about the knitter's handshake? Two hands go in for the grab-and-shake, but at the last minute, they veer to the closest sleeve or band and grab it instead while we ask, "Did you knit this? - Author: Clara Parkes
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#3. I talked to the team a lot about staying power. You never find out if you have that until you've been beaten down a few times. - Author: Bill Parcells
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#4. This vacation tip: If you see a gas station with a sign that says Clean Rest Rooms, it means one thing
the door is locked and no one can find the key. - Author: Pat Williams
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#5. The guy you see on the screen isn't really me. I'm Duke Morrison, and I never was and never will be a film personality like JOHN WAYNE . I know him well. I'm one of his closest students. I have to be. I made a living out of him. - Author: John Wayne
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#6. I'll tell you what's fun - finding the right stewardess and turning her upside down in the back of a plane. - Author: Steven Tyler
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#7. Moreover he saw a skull floating on the surface of the water and he said unto it: Because you drowned others they drowned you; and those that drowned you will eventually be drowned. - Author: Hillel The Elder
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#8. Room is the wrong word. It's not a room - it's a mission statement. - Author: E.L. James
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#9. Bernard Shaw remains the only model we have of what the citizen of a democracy should be: an informed participant in all things we deem important to the society and the individual. - Author: Jacques Barzun
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