Top 10 The Balloon Hoax Quotes

#1. Politics and sports are the same thing in some ways. I like sports; I don't like the sports aspect of politics. The conventions are basically the playoffs, and the election's the Super Bowl. To me, it doesn't feel important.

Hari Kondabolu

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#2. Daughters can spend ten percent more than a man can make in any usual occupation. That's a law of nature, to be known henceforth as 'Harshaw's Law.

Robert A. Heinlein

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#3. May peace-dreamers And peace-lovers Occupy the length and breadth Of the world.

Sri Chinmoy

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#4. Emotionally involving the audience is easy. Anybody can do it blindfolded: get a little kitten and have some guy wring its neck.

George Lucas

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#5. I love Love
though he has wings, And like light can flee.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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#6. I'm very happy I get to keep working - it's an insanely fortunate thing.

Hank Azaria

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#7. The Golden Horn of Griffo is finely wrought," Zenodotus said, tracing his finger along the curve of Telemach's treasure. "And the magic is in its making alone. Do you understand? There is no sorcery here - none that I can detect.

Robin Sloan

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#8. When I played 'Survivor', I sat back many times and marveled that no one had gotten into a real physical altercation. With all the backbiting, lies, and lack of food, a fight didn't sound far off base, considering the strained and fragile emotions.

Jenna Morasca

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#9. As I sat in the sanctuary surrounded by thousands of empty seats, here's what became clear to me: it wasn't the size of the crowd Jesus cared about; it was their level of commitment.

Kyle Idleman

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#10. There is only one honest impulse at the bottom of Puritanism, and that is the impulse to punish the man with a superior capacity for happiness.

H.L. Mencken

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