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#1. I looked up and she said, "You have to believe I did everything a reasonable person would do. Maybe I didn't reach my hands into toilet water, but I did everything else I could. - Author: Charlie Close
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#2. Every individual spends a lifetime trying to disprove Copernicus by placing him- or herself at the heart of existence, but a small core of diehards manages to turn it into an art. - Author: John Connolly
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#3. It is all very well for 2% of the population to live in a monastic state of meatlessness while everyone else gorges their way towards environmental meltdown or the nearest heart clinic. Vegetarianism is good for the willing minority, but not much use as a campaign tool. - Author: Tristram Stuart
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#4. Be magnificent. Life's short. Get out there. You can do it. Everyone can do it. Everyone. - Author: Andy Serkis
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#5. Ian stepped out to where he knew I could clearly see and identify his tall, dark, and dangerous self. - Author: Lisa Shearin
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#6. I come from a world where you get the film done, that's a success. - Author: Abel Ferrara
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#7. We should never lose sight of the underlying essence of a market-a place where buyers and sellers come together. Every other feature-whether crafted by tradition or technology-exists only to serve that primary purpose. - Author: Arthur Levitt Jr
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#8. Courbet comes in 1849 with the intention of overthrowing past art and constructing it anew. While he speaks only of realism, of which he proclaims himself the messiah, his pictures show pre-eminently those qualities which are learned in the museums. - Author: Jules Breton
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#9. Everyone says we have our first African American president. Has there ever been a Jewish president? An Italian president? They don't say a damn thing about that. You think we're still fighting the Civil War or something. If you want to mention it in passing, OK. But don't dwell on it. - Author: Monte Irvin
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#10. She's young, and will probably move on someday, and get married, and maybe that dude will hate it but her? Her feelings won't ever change. Because people we love die, but the love? It never does. It became eternal the moment he stopped breathing. She'll always love his memory. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#11. Between Margaret's fine edged art and Glady's rough simplicity, where did the greater feminine solace lie? True art, after all, is simple. - Author: Angus Wilson
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#12. To preserve one's mind intact through a modern college education is a test of courage and endurance, but the battle is worth it and the stakes are the highest possible to man: the survival of reason. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#13. If you know how rich you are, you are not rich. But me, I am not aware of the extent of my wealth. That's how rich we are. - Author: Imelda Marcos
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#14. That which, perhaps, hears more nonsense than anything in the world, is a picture in a museum. - Author: Edmond De Goncourt
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#15. I got to do a whole slew of TV movies playing the bad guy, including an episode of Smallville. That would never have happened if I hadn't done the Stand. - Author: Corin Nemec
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