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Top 14 Thank You Veteran Sayings

#1. In the American League, there seems to have been an entire lack of any concerted campaign to build up a club in New York which should rival the Giants on an even basis. - Author: Jacob Ruppert
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#2. We don't attack any veteran, at all, ever, for their service record. We thank them. And the fact that somebody wanted to do that for political gain, shows the desperation of which some people unfortunately in the Republican Party want to keep and seize power. - Author: Matt Shea
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#3. I am just an Accountant who love God. - Author: Evans Biya
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#4. The inquisition of public opinion overwhelms in practice the freedom asserted by the laws in theory. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#5. Myths, legends and stories are the signposts previous generations have left us so we don't have to figure out our own personal journey in solitude!
They have to be metaphorical, because their interpretation will be different for each individual life! - Author: Fred Van Lente
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#6. One of the things we often miss in succession planning is that it should be gradual and thoughtful, with lots of sharing of information and knowledge and perspective, so that it's almost a non-event when it happens. - Author: Anne M. Mulcahy
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#7. Ninety-nine percent of all surprises in business are negative. - Author: Harold Geneen
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#8. You have to become complete in some way; a universe - a complete thing in yourself - in order to reach across and breathe some unity onto this thing you're faced with. If you intentionally avoid that unity that is within yourself then you will avoid unity in your work. - Author: Milton Resnick
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#9. All of this has to be understood as part of a process leading ultimately to a treaty that will give an international body power over our domestic laws. - Author: Chip Pashayan
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#10. So be satisfied and quiet, be contented with your contentment. I lack certain things that others have, but blessed be God, I have a contented heart which others have not. - Author: Jeremiah Burroughs
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#11. A good film to me is like lightning in a bottle. - Author: Don Scardino
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#12. That was high school in a nutshell. No one was where they belonged. They were all on their way to someplace else. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
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#13. The greatest inventors are unknown to us. Someone invented the wheel - but who? - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#14. When food becomes the enemy, every time we lose the fight we not only gain weight, but lose our self-esteem as well. - Author: Jane Fonda
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