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#1. We try to be formed and held and kept by him, but instead he offers us freedom. And now when I try to know his will, his kindness floods me, his great love overwhelms me, and I hear him whisper, Surprise me. - Author: Ron Hansen
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#2. They forget that the vampaneze were once our brothers, that by destroying them, we destroy a part of ourselves. Most vampire never realize how pointless and savage war truly is. You were smart enough to see through the truth. Don't ever forget it. - Author: Darren Shan
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#3. A silent, unavoidable revolution is taking place in society, a revolution THAT CARES AS LITTLE ABOUT THE HUMAN LIVES IT DESTROYS as an earthquake cares about the houses it ravages. Classes and RACES THAT ARE TOO WEAK to dominate the new conditions of existence WILL BE DEFEATED. - Author: Karl Marx
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#4. All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time. - Author: Julie Andrews Edwards
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#5. Science is a hammer for change. - Author: J.J. Brown
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#6. I have yet to meet a single person from our culture, no matter what his or her educational background, IQ, and specific training, who had powerful transpersonal experiences and continues to subscribe to the materialistic monism of Western science. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#7. He is not likely to learn who is not willing to be taught; for the learner has something to do, as well as the teacher. - Author: Benjamin Whichcote
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#8. The things ... which are proper to the understanding no other man is used to impede, for neither fire, nor iron, nor tyrant, nor abuse, touches it in any way. When it has been made a sphere, it continues a sphere. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
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#9. In Europe an actor is an artist. In Hollywood, if he isn't working, he's a bum. - Author: Anthony Quinn
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#10. Enoki mushrooms, a tasty variety commonly sold in grocery stores, were one of the first mushrooms studied for preventing cancer. - Author: Paul Stamets
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#11. Seerow's kindness. Even then, all those years ago, i knew. My father's epitaph had just been written. - Author: Katherine Applegate
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