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#1. Real faith has perfect peace and joy and a shout at any time. It always sees the victory. - Author: Smith Wigglesworth
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#2. It is wisdom to believe the heart. - Author: George Santayana
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#3. The unheard sounds came through, and each melodic line existed of itself, stood out clearly from all the rest, said its piece, and waited patiently for the other voices to speak. - Author: Ralph Ellison
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#4. You might be a redneck if an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger changed your life. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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#5. I've never seen myself as a pop singer. I grew up listening to gospel, soul and rock. My approach to pop is that, when I was doing my album, I wanted to have raw, genuine lyrics, but wanted it to be easy to process. - Author: Tori Kelly
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#6. Maybe superficial is exactly what I want right now. If you don't talk about anything that matters, no one can say anything that'll hurt you
and you don't have to talk about the things that are eating away at you from the inside. - Author: Liz Kessler
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#7. We are not saints, but we have kept our appointment. How many people can boast as much? - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#8. So many people have said to me that when you become a school parent, it is like going back to school yourself. Some of those insecurities come out and are projected through your child. - Author: Liane Moriarty
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#9. Being from New York, I wonder why am I inspired by bluegrass and Earl Scruggs? But when I look at the whole history of the banjo, I feel really good about it, including the Earl Scruggs part. - Author: Bela Fleck
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#10. Dylan Thomas, asked what he thought of Welsh Nationalism, replied in three words, two of which were 'Welsh Nationalism.' - Author: Avram Davidson
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#11. I went through eight years of classical piano lessons without being able to read notes. I only have to hear a melody to be able to play it. It used to freak my piano teacher out when he finally noticed that notes don't make any sense to me and that I played by ear. - Author: Liam Howlett
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#12. We grew up listening to alternative music from the '90s, and there was no shame in being on a major label and still making the music you wanted to make. I feel like rap rock came around and drew a line in the sand, and everybody that was like me ran away from that and started making indie-rock. - Author: Nate Ruess
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#13. won't." Just as he dipped his spoon into the ice cream, Zuri and Ravi came - Author: Lexi Ryals
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