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Top 8 Teddy Roosevelt Manliness Quotes

#1. A cherry pie is ... ephemeral. From the moment it emerges from the oven it begins a steep decline: from too hot to edible to cold to stale to mouldy, and finally to a post-pie state where only history can tell you that it was once considered food. The pie is a parable of human life. - Author: Nick Harkaway
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#2. The devil you know" may be the saying, but crazy is always a million times more interesting when you're just getting introduced, shaking hands, and deciding whether or not you're going to give your real email address. - Author: Alison Umminger
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#3. So long as the universe had a beginning, we could suppose it had a creator. But if the universe is really completely self-contained, having no boundary or edge, it would have neither beginning nor end: it would simply be. What place, then, for a creator? - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#4. Mankind's a dead issue now, cousin. There are no more souls. Only states of mind. - Author: Bruce Sterling
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#5. I love your hills and I love your dales, And I love your flocks a-bleating; but oh, on the heather to lie together, With both our hearts a-beating! - Author: John Keats
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#6. Who me? God, no, I'm terrible ... " Then, just as an experiment, I say, "And, besides, I don't think I'm good-looking enough to be an actor."
Oh, that's not true! There are lots of actors who aren't good-looking ... - Author: David Nicholls
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#7. It's not part of our Constitution to assume that we are the world's policemen. - Author: Ron Paul
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#8. Unlike the book, with a documentary, you get a chance to show much more texture and color. Film gives you get a chance to focus on much more individuals who are pivotal in changing the landscape of American culture. - Author: Steve Stoute
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