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#1. [Google is] an omnivorous collector of information, a hyperencyclopedic vault of human knowledge, an unerring auctioneer, an eerily skilful student of languages, behaviour, and desires. - Author: Steven Levy
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#2. In the world of technology,In the world of Internet , information,teachings knowledge are spreading so fast but sad no one want to apply or follow because everyone is busy to share. - Author: Mohammed Zaki Ansari
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#3. Plan your taxes, DO NOT avoid any taxes. Tax authorities have evolved and are using information technology to collect and analyze the data and also issue notices. See AIR to SoFTRA to know more about how and what data is collected and used. - Author: Jigar Patel
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#4. Information and communication technologies have changed the way of life completely. Nowadays, many people reach for their smart phones and/or turn their computers on as soon as they wake up. They look at the news on social networks and check e-mails, before they get dressed or have breakfast. - Author: Eraldo Banovac
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#5. The original PATRIOT Act greatly increased our nation's ability to share intelligence information, made better use of technology, and provided terrorism investigators tools that have long been available in cases involving illegal drugs and organized crime. - Author: Michael K. Simpson
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#6. If you thought the advent of the Internet, the spread of cheap and efficient information technology, and the growing fragmentation of the consumer market were all going to help smaller companies thrive at the expense of the slow-moving giants of the Fortune 500, apparently you were wrong. - Author: James Surowiecki
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#7. If information wants to be free, then that's true everywhere, not just in information technology. - Author: Mitch Kapor
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#8. It's hard to pay attention these days because of multiple affects of the information technology nowadays. You tend to develop a faster, speedier mind, but I don't think it's necessarily broader or smarter. - Author: Robert Redford
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#9. Forward-thinking organizations seek hybrid professionals who are highly proficient writers, analytical, creative, and tech savvy, with strong competencies in business management, information technology (IT), and human behavior. - Author: Paul Roetzer
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#10. You look at marketing: everything that's happening in marketing is digitized. Everything that's happening in finance is digitized. So pretty much every industry, every function in every industry, has a huge element that's driven by information technology. It's no longer discrete. - Author: Satya Nadella
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#11. America and Japan are the two leading world economies in terms of technology and innovative products. And in software, information-age technology and biotechnology the U.S. has an amazing lead. - Author: Bill Gates
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#12. I believe we should celebrate new possibilities of combining the printed codex with electronic technology ... The information ecology is getting richer, not thinner. - Author: Robert Darnton
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#13. We have to recognize that there is a strong, fresh wind blowing, powered by these new information technologies. It will be increasingly difficult for dictators to impose their will through sheer brutality. - Author: John F. Kerry
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#14. On education, in order to ensure that America remains a world leader, we must create an educated, skilled workforce in the vital areas of science, math, engineering and information technology. At the same time, we must give every student access to a college degree. - Author: John F. Tierney
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#15. Let our information and social technologies raise awareness and not propaganda, build connections and not passive-aggression. - Author: Criss Jami
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#16. I understand Twitter has become popular among politicians. This technology allows them to stay in perpetual contact with their constituents. The electorate now has instant information about what politicians have been up to. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#17. Good information architecture makes users less alienated and suppressed by technology. It simultaneously increases human satisfaction and your company's profits. Very few jobs allow you to do both at the same time, so enjoy. - Author: Jakob Nielsen
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#18. You must know your faith with the same precision with which a specialist in information technology knows the operating system of a computer. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#19. Developments in information technology and globalised media mean that the most powerful military in the history of the world can lose a war, not on the battlefield of dust and blood, but on the battlefield of world opinion. - Author: Timothy Garton Ash
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#20. What was achieved under Nazi-fascism through bloody terror against the organized workers' movement and the people is to be achieved again today in West Europe through the information society - Author: Red Army Faction
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#21. Information technology departments must spend enormous amounts of time and money worrying about integrating big computer systems with billions of pieces of customer data. - Author: Alex Berenson
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#22. Nothing could be more misleading than the idea that computer technology introduced the age of information. The printing press began that age, and we have not been free of it since. - Author: Neil Postman
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#23. Looking down the road, space exploration and the benefits it yields - in medicine and information technology - should not be overlooked. - Author: Bob Barr
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#24. I am a technological activist. I have a political agenda. I am in favor of basic human rights: to free speech, to use any information and technology, to purchase and use recreational drugs, to enjoy and purchase so-called 'vices', to be free of intruders, and to privacy. - Author: Bram Cohen
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#25. We must speed up the deployment of broadband in order to bring high-speed data services to homes and businesses. The spread of information technology has contributed to a steady growth in U.S. productivity. - Author: Michael Oxley
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#26. If our greatest need had been information, God would have sent an educator. If our greatest need had been technology, God would have sent us a scientist. If our greatest need had been money, God would have sent us an economist. But since our greatest need was forgiveness, God sent us a Saviour. - Author: Roy Lessin
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#27. In today's knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends on what you learn. Jobs in the information technology sector, for example, pay 85 percent more than the private sector average. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#28. Medicine today invests heavily in information technology, yet the promised improvement in patient safety and productivity frankly have not been realized, - Author: Peter Pronovost
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#29. Broadband access is the great equalizer, leveling the playing field so that every willing and able person, no matter their station in life, has access to the information and tools necessary to achieve the American Dream. - Author: Michael K. Powell
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#30. We are witnessing a seismic change in consumer behavior. That change is being brought about by technology and the access people have to information. - Author: Howard Schultz
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#31. Today, all arrows point toward the biotech, nanotech, and information technology industries, and the convergence among them. - Author: Jack Welch
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#32. In the new conditions created by the global economy, the information revolution and the growth of smart technologies, it is more necessary than ever for all companies to be guided by their rich spiritual inheritance, as spiritual enterprises. - Author: Ted Malloch
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#33. The palimpsests of molecules need not be overwritten, for machines make once-ephemeral words persist: they collect in gutters; they pile up and require sweeping; they hang in air like morning fog. - Author: Dexter Palmer
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#34. I knew from the beginning that privacy was going to be a huge issue, especially with regard to applying Total Information Awareness in counterterrorism. Because if the technology development was successful, a logical place to apply it was inside the United States. - Author: John Poindexter
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#35. I would like to see every parent either directly - if they are comfortable with the technology - or through a personal tutor, being able to access real-time information about their child. - Author: Jim Knight
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#36. There is an enormous market demand for information. It just has to be fulfilled in a way that fits with the technology of our times. - Author: Marc Andreessen
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#37. The new information technology, indifferent to human suffering, does not accommodate humane needs unless we harness it and make it do so. - Author: Mahnaz Afkhami
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#38. Space X's Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars with modules where earthlings can live. My teleporting technology is the number one way those individuals will get new information, new treatments of diseases that will occur on the planet, and new food sources. - Author: Craig Venter
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#39. I'm fascinated by the idea that genetics is digital. A gene is a long sequence of coded letters, like computer information. Modern biology is becoming very much a branch of information technology. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#40. As information technology restructures the work situation, it abstracts thought from action. - Author: Shoshana Zuboff
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#41. I didn't tell him that it was all stored as binary information on rapidly spinning shiny discs, partly because I'd have to look up the details myself, but mostly because by the time he'd understood the technology it would have been replaced by something else. - Author: Ben Aaronovitch
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#42. I worked in information technology and academia for a long time and met many people who were better with things and ideas than with people. - Author: Graeme Simsion
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#43. One of the biggest challenges to medicine is the incorporation of information technology in our practices. - Author: Samuel Wilson
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#44. Our civilization is experiencing unprecedented changes across many realms, largely due to the rapid advancement of information technology. The ability to code and understand the power of computing is crucial to success in today's hyper-connected world. - Author: Al Gore
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#45. Anne Arundel County has become the world's epicenter of military intelligence and defense-related information technology. - Author: John R. Leopold
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#46. Information technology alone cannot provide us an absolute shield against its evil twin disinformation technology. Our only protection is law, and that protection is available to us only if legitimate governments have the power to govern. - Author: Paul Starr
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#47. We visual communicators have so much good to share: rather than sharing our chemical and style addictions, we could be using our professional skills to help communicate health information, conflict resolution, democracy, technology. - Author: David Berman
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#48. I dream of a Digital India where farmers are empowered with real-time information to be connected with Global Markets. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#49. To all users of technology who are willing to take a chance, make a choice, and try a new way of doing things so that we can nurture and enjoy a happy, healthy planet. - K.M. - Author: Katherine Murray
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#50. Healthcare is becoming part of information technology. - Author: Bill Maris
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#51. To me, this is not an information age. It's an age of networked intelligence, it's an age of vast promise. - Author: Don Tapscott
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#52. The Internet allows the small guy a global marketplace. But technology is harmful in the sense that we get too much information from it. Because of the web we get 10 times the amount of noise we ever got, which makes harmful fallacies far more likely. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#53. This is the greatest and most fraught romance of modern society, the marriage between the IT staff and those who depend on them. - Author: Marilyn Johnson
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#54. The information superhighway is a dirt road that won't be paved over until 2025. - Author: Sumner Redstone
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#55. What lies at the heart of every living thing is not a fire, not warm breath, not a 'spark of life.' It is information, words, instructions ... If you want to understand life, don't think about vibrant, throbbing gels and oozes, think about information technology. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#56. The result is that the same generation is in danger of growing up with 170 terabytes of knowledge and information, but not more than a few bits of wisdom. - Author: Sachin Kalbag
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#57. Information is power, and modern information technology is spreading information more widely than ever before in history. - Author: Joseph S. Nye Jr.
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#58. A variety of national and international studies indicate that the broad-based deployment of information technology can have a substantial impact on our nation's economic productivity and growth as well as the educational and social success of our citizens. - Author: Tim Holden
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#59. With Halcyon's technology, the pool of genetic information will grow by orders of magnitude in the course of months, offering the first real chance at cures for cancer and other previously intractable diseases. - Author: Luke Nosek
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#60. The First Industrial Revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production. The Second used electric power to create mass production. The Third used electronics and information technology to automate production. - Author: Klaus Schwab
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#61. The information age has been driven and dominated by technopreneurs. We now have to apply these technologies in saving lives, improving livelihoods and lifting millions of people out of squalor, misery and suffering. In other words, our focus must now move from the geeks to the meek. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
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#62. So much information lacks a good way to store it, especially when it's all digital; sometimes it requires old technology to go back and retrieve it. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#63. Our system is not fit for purpose. It's inadequate in terms of its scope, it's inadequate in terms of its information technology, leadership, management systems and processes. - Author: John Richard Reid
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#64. What you earn depends on what you learn. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#65. Technology is not a panacea. I refuse to work on technology to track users, analyze usage patterns, watermark information, censor, detect drug use, or eavesdrop. I am not naive enough to think any of those technologies could enable a 'compromise'. - Author: Bram Cohen
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#66. The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential. - Author: Steve Ballmer
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#67. We have repeatedly demonstrated our species's bottomless ability to lower our standards to make information technology look good. - Author: Jaron Lanier
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#68. Nature even on the most local of scales made a mockery of information technology. Even augmented by tech, the human brain was paltry, infinitesimal, in comparison to the universe. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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#69. The fountain of information lies at your fingertips and is accessible anywhere at anytime and schools need to emphasize this. We are no longer in a world where you need to go seek enlightenment, it is everywhere. - Author: Christopher Myers
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#70. A democratic education means that we educate people in a way that ensures they can think independently, that they can use information, knowledge, and technology, among other things, to draw their own conclusions. - Author: Linda Darling-Hammond
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#71. The speed of transportation largely determined the speed of information. - Author: T. J. Stiles
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#72. Information technology has brought people much closer together than ever before, providing a democratizing and mostly stabilizing influence. - Author: Dan Quayle
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#73. Given any new technology for transmitting information, we seem bound to use it for great quantities of small talk. We are only saved by music from being overwhelmed by nonsense. - Author: Lewis Thomas
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#74. Ooks look as if they contain knowledge, while e-readers look as if they contain information. - Author: Julian Barnes
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#75. With Internet technology you can capture a photo, a quote, or an article, store it locally and upload it into the Net more than once, if you wish, to multiple sites. Can you imagine then forcing the search engines to somehow not index that information? - Author: Vint Cerf
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#76. Email is the scourge of our age,' said Silvia. 'Email and cancer. - Author: Olivia Sudjic
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#77. The networked world offers the promise that maybe the information technology industry will start to, for the first time in a decade or so, address CEO-level issues. - Author: Louis V. Gerstner Jr.
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#78. The act of learning itself is no longer seen as simply a matter of information transfer, but rather as a process of dynamic participation, in which students cultivate new ways of thinking and doing, through active discovery and discussion, experimentation and reflection. - Author: Susan C. Aldridge
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#79. So what? Somebody's always had control over information, and others have always tried to steal it. Read Machiavelli. As technology changes, sneakiness finds new expressions." Martha - Author: Clifford Stoll
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#80. [T]he problem was too much information. The population was being inundated with conflicting versions of increasingly complex events. People were giving up on understanding anything. The glut of information was dulling awareness, not aiding it. Overload. It encouraged passivity, not involvement. - Author: Jerry Mander
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#81. The wonderful thing about modern technology is the amount of communication and information-sharing it facilitates. And the awful thing about modern technology is the amount of communication and information-sharing it facilitates. - Author: Mark McGuinness
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#82. In the age of technology there is constant access to vast amounts of information. The basket overflows; people get overwhelmed; the eye of the storm is not so much what goes on in the world, it is the confusion of how to think, feel, digest, and react to what goes on. - Author: Criss Jami
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#83. Second, we're spending a huge amount of money on technology so that everyone can check out laptops and portable phones. We're spending more money to write our existing information into databases or onto CD-ROM. - Author: Jay Chiat
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#84. Our intuition about the future is linear. But the reality of information technology is exponential, and that makes a profound difference. If I take 30 steps linearly, I get to 30. If I take 30 steps exponentially, I get to a billion. - Author: Ray Kurzweil
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#85. We had to address information technology in the ways we had not before and give the agents the tools that they need to do their job more efficiently and more expeditiously. - Author: Robert Mueller
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#86. The brain processes information using 100,000 times less energy than we do right now with this computer technology that we have. - Author: Kwabena Boahen
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#87. All forms of technology, with the exception of paper, are strictly forbidden inside any high-level Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information, or TS/SCI area, - Author: Nick Bilton
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#88. Heavy investments in information technology have delivered disappointing results - largely because companies tend to use technology to mechanize old ways of doing business ... Instead of embedding outdated processes in silicon and software, we should obliterate them and start over. - Author: Michael Martin Hammer
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#89. To put it in terms of information theory, the new technology overwrites the old one. The technology saved under a new file name survives as a new species. - Author: Koji Suzuki
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#90. In popular books and articles, information technology writer Carr has worried over the ways that algorithms like those employed by Google are reshaping the ways we think. - Author: Nicholas G. Carr
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#91. When combined with information and communication technologies, microcredit can unleash new opportunities for the world's poorest entrepreneurs and thereby revitalize the village economies they serve. - Author: Madeleine Albright
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#92. It's a fact that more people watch television and get their information that way than read books. I find new technology and new ways of communication very exciting and would like to do more in this field. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#93. The biotechnology wave is similar to the information technology wave of the 1980s and 1990s. - Author: Dietmar Hopp
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#94. I also rise today in strong support of forward movement on the implementation of health information technology, which has the potential to save the United States billions of dollars in health care costs each year. - Author: Russ Carnahan
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#95. Technology, and applications of this technology, will continue to improve and evolve, providing unprecedented, global access to information, individuals, training, and opportunities. - Author: Maynard Webb
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#96. I think that there are changes that have occurred in technology that make is that more people can have the same level of information that I have. My advantage is that I'm very good at interpreting the information. - Author: Jim Cramer
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#97. The trouble is that all-encompassing though information technology may be, it will always convey facts and numbers ... what it does not convey is perception, belief and motivation. - Author: John Harvey-Jones
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#98. My vision when we started Google 15 years ago was that eventually you wouldn't have to have a search query at all. You'd just have information come to you as you needed it. And [Google Glass] is now, 15 years later, sort of the first form factor that I think can deliver that vision. - Author: Sergey Brin
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#99. We are living, we have long been told, in the Information Age. Yet now we are faced with the sickening suspicion that technology has run ahead of us. - Author: Richard Dooling
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#100. Technology and the pace of change in media is pushing us into an uncomfortable area The media have perhaps become more cavalier towards pushing confidential information. - Author: Jim Michaels
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