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#1. Sometimes, you have to manufacture your own history. Give fate a push, so to speak. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#2. I'm interested in Scotland now and then, how it's changed. I want to get the reader to think about that by thinking about something from the past. How has society changed, how has policing changed, have we changed philosophically, psychologically, culturally, spiritually? - Author: Ian Rankin
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#3. Ego is like a mad elephant which is ridden by our blind heart and blind mind and which ultimately destroys our real selves - Author: Kapil Kumar Bhaskar
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#4. I used self-injury as a coping mechanism to help me overcome the emotional stress that I was incapable of dealing with in any other way. Self-injury was a means of escape, a way to relieve the numbness, and an expression of the pain within me. Something that the police wouldn't care about. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#5. There was just something about her dying that I had understood but not really understood, if you know what I mean. I mean, you can know someone is dying on an intellectual level, but emotionally it hasn't really hit you, and then when it does, that's when you feel like shit. - Author: Jesse Andrews
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#6. And, in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make. - Author: Paul McCartney
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#7. Trying to educate the dumb with a dumb teacher is nothing but washing the dirty clothes in a dirty water! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#8. If we are to learn to improve the quality of the decisions we make, we need to accept the mysterious nature of our snap judgments. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#9. I love Boston, and at some point, my plan is to have a home back there. - Author: David Walton
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#10. Draw a breath,
a deep breath,
now hold it, my friends,
hold it long
for the world
the world drowns. - Author: Steven Erikson
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