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#1. The sobering thought is that individuals and societies are not, in the end, remembered for how they made their money, but for how they spent it. - Author: Charles Handy
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#2. Everyone feels loss and love and laughter. That's what connects humanity. It's why I love Shakespeare. - Author: Stephanie Beatriz
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#3. We're always one breath away from something, living or dying, sometimes it just can't be helped. - Author: Heather Gudenkauf
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#4. He slid his hands around behind me and placed his fingers on my shoulder blades, touching the bones reverently, as if he had discovered wings. - Author: Francesca Lia Block
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#5. My baseball career ended in college.I played on the freshman team, but was becoming more drawn to intellectualism than athleticism, and so I gave up baseball, and it was perfect timing because baseball was going to give up me very soon. - Author: Donald Trump
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#6. She looked away. You make it like it was the coin. But you're the one.
It could have gone either way.
The coin didn't have no say. It was just you.
Perhaps. But look at it my way. I got here the same way the coin did. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
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#7. I'm not a pop artist. For me pop never was ... Pop is concerned with exteriors. I'm concerned with interiors. When I use objects, I see them as a vocabulary of feelings. I can spend a lot of time with objects, and they leave me as satisfied as a good meal. I don't think pop artists feel that way. - Author: Jim Dine
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#8. I'm an accumulation of every single thing I've done, good and bad. - Author: David Millar
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#9. And in the town too were innumerable white cantinhas, where one could drink forever on credit, with the door open and the wind blowing. - Author: Malcolm Lowry
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#10. Mysteries are for solving, walls are for climbing, secret hideouts are for exploring. That's just how things are. - Author: William Sutcliffe
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#11. Our Founding Fathers crafted a constitutional Republic for the first time in the history of the world because they were shaping a form of government that would not have the failures of a democracy in it, but had the representation of democracy in it. - Author: Steve King
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#12. I had to be the only person on the planet capable of pissing off every guy in my life on the same day while managing to get them to all lie to each other - while lying to them my self. - Author: Stormy Smith
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#13. What is forgiveness worth without trust? - Author: Sharon Kay Penman
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#14. Art is about expressing the true nature of the human spirit in whatever way one wishes to express it. If it is honest, it is beautiful. If it is not honest, it is obvious. - Author: Corin Nemec
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