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#1. This is a horrible idea," I say with a smile. "Go.

Emily Skrutskie

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#2. Many people have come to think they can just wake up and have things handed to them.

Eric Church

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#3. In a way, 'WALL-E' had some of the same disturbing elements that 'Up' does.

Ed Asner

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#4. A bold reform agenda is our moral obligation. If we make the case effectively and win this November, then we will have the moral authority to enact the kind of fundamental reforms America has not seen since Ronald Reagan's first year.

Paul Ryan

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#5. It becomes obvious when people are sincere in their criticism and when they're not. I've learned over time that people will always have something to say.


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#6. A couple was leaning over the railing, and Lillian could hear the woman say: Even if you don't mean it, just for tonight, say you love me. I won't ever remind you of it; I will not see you again, but just for tonight say you love me, say you love me.

Anais Nin

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#7. Some people do better on their own. I don't.

George Peppard

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#8. You may be old enough to marry, Matrim Cauthon, but in truth you shouldn't be off your mother's apron strings.

Robert Jordan

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#9. Everything is strange. Things are huge and very small. The stalks of flowers are thick as oak trees. Leaves are high as the domes of vast cathedrals. We are giants, lying here, who can make forests quiver.

Virginia Woolf

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#10. How can a fifteen-year old girl defend her love when that love is dismissed by everyone? It's impossible to defend yourself against inexperience and age. And maybe they're right. Maybe we don't know love like an adult knows love, but we sure as hell feel it.

Colleen Hoover

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#11. Strive to attain to the greater virtues, but do not neglect the lesser ones. Do not make light of a fall even if it be the most venial of faults; rather, be quick to repair it by repentance, although many others may commit a large number of faults, slight and grievous, and remain unrepentant.

Saint Basil

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#12. Play slow and perfect - that's the way to becoming a virtuoso.

Steve Vai

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#13. I love going to writers' colonies in pastoral settings where there's nothing to do, but either walk around or read a book or work on your book.

Andrew Sean Greer

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#14. The trouble with anyone when they're unhappy or in a relationship they recognize is not working but don't know what to do about is that they can't see farther out than that. If the relationship is not working, if what was there isn't there anymore, you have to do something about it.

Penelope Wilton

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