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Top 17 Taiwan Travel Quotes

#1. I looked out again at the rising moon and I let the weight of my day, my week, lift away with the rushing wind as I was blown into the depths of myself. - Author: Gerry Abbey
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#2. My professional life had started and here I was at a professional dinner full of uninhibited drinking. - Author: Gerry Abbey
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#3. There must only be two, No more and no less - Author: Drew Karpyshyn
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#4. I've got all my life to live and I've got all my love to give - Author: Gloria Gaynor
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#5. Conversation is our account of ourselves ... Conversation is the vent of character as well as thoughts ... It is the laboratory of the student. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#6. I'd learned so much from traveling to familiar places that I figured I'd learn twice as much by going to a place I knew nothing about. - Author: Gerry Abbey
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#7. It was one of those striking moments in life where you find familiarity in the inexplicable. - Author: Gerry Abbey
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#8. Statuettes of drunken sailors, velvet pictures of island maidens, plastic seashell lamps made in Taiwan. What contempt the people who think up souvenirs have for other people. - Author: Diane Johnson
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#9. Somehow, we were passing the boundaries of language and finding clarity in shared thought, even if we were just talking about beer! - Author: Gerry Abbey
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#10. We acknowledge God only when we are conscious of His manifestation in us. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#11. Those who can afford private schooling need not worry about their children being deprived of art, music and literature in the classroom: they are more sheltered, for now, from the doctrine of efficiency that has been radically refashioning the public school curriculum. - Author: Azar Nafisi
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#12. From the beginning I thought about working with the body in movement, the space between the body and clothes. I wanted the clothes to move when people moved. The clothes are also for people to dance or laugh. - Author: Issey Miyake
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#13. Because of the fact that being a professional actor is not a career that is widely pursued back home in the Cayman Islands, I never thought it was a viable profession. It didn't even cross my mind. So when I knew I wanted to do theater, I didn't think 'actress,' even though I loved to perform. - Author: Grace Gealey
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#14. And so we went. And so it went. And, slowly, I began to learn: speaking in the same language does not equal communication, especially when there is a cultural divide. - Author: Gerry Abbey
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#15. I don't like dogmas; i don't want to be kept in a box - Author: Bangambiki Habyarimana
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#16. As the silence returned, I sat back and felt the tension ease away; I hadn't even known I was tense. A few moments passed and once again the cycling fan laced in with the clanging chains and mixed with the rumbling mower and the buzzing insects. - Author: Gerry Abbey
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#17. There were signs everywhere but none that I could read or even hope to decipher. These multi-lined symbols unhinged my familiar world. - Author: Gerry Abbey
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