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#1. Lucy and I would love furiously and fight furiously. - Author: Desi Arnaz
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#2. In order that we finite beings may apprehend the Emporer He translates His glory into multiple forms - into stars, woods, waters, beasts, and the bodies of men. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#3. I love the stuff that makes you laugh and cry. It kind of sucker-punches you a little bit. That's the thing that most interests me as a performer, in addition to telling the most captivating story. - Author: Matt McGorry
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#4. In Tagalog, we call undocumented people 'TNT,' which means tago ng tago, which means 'hiding and hiding.' So that's literally what undocumented means in Tagalog. And that kind of tells you how Filipinos think of this issue, and really any culture, right? - Author: Jose Antonio Vargas
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#5. Earth is but one country and mankind is it's citizens. - Author: Baha'u'llah
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#6. Ah! I had been screaming. I realized it. Lots of mortals around me, high up in the night, were telling me to be quiet. - Author: Anne Rice
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#7. Twenty-eight men were on trial. If found guilty, they faced death by the grisly form of torture known as hanging, drawing and quartering. The most important of these were twenty-four who had sat as judges at the king's trial. Most of them had played other key roles in bringing the king to trial. - Author: Don Jordan
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#8. Wherever you find 'men together' - writing the rules, as at exclusive golf or other men's clubs, businesses, and lodges where they wear elaborate robes and funny hats - women are kept completely outside if possible and, when grudgingly admitted, to highly restricted areas or token status. - Author: Eugene Kennedy
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