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#1. When I resigned, I put the U.S. Government on notice that I'm going to stick to policy issues, that I have no intention of going out and blowing the cover off of the intelligence operations, that those are truly sensitive and they should not be exposed. - Author: Scott Ritter
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#2. Your anger is self-damaging. - Author: Sanchita Pandey
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#3. Her eyes were as sad as they were fierce. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#4. If we are honest with ourselves and listen quietly ... we all harbor one fiercely held aspiration for our healthcare - that it keep us healthy. - Author: Rebecca Onie
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#5. We cannot escape that Hollywood is in the middle of a wave of technological change. The current angst over all the implications of new entertainment technology is nothing new. - Author: Michael Eisner
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#6. Soviet regime in a way deprived me from my childhood in my homeland, because my father was in military, and after the Yalta agreement he was sent to teach in military academy in Riga, and I was born then. - Author: Mikhail Baryshnikov
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#7. This is an evil dream, she thought. But if she were dreaming, why did it hurt so much?
She tried to ask the shadows, but they did not answer. Perhaps they did not hear her. Perhaps they were not real. - Author: George R R Martin
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#8. As human beings, why does it take somebody to feel like they're close to us for us to see their humanity? Why can't we see the humanity in people that are distant from us? - Author: Michael B. Jordan
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#9. The only thing that can be predicted is the probability of different events. - Author: Richard Feynman
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#10. You want a favor from me, it's going to involve crown molding or adding extra can lights. I draw the line at amusing your bouche - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#11. I'm only myself when I have a guitar in my hands. - Author: George Harrison
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#12. He that loves the Word and the purity of its precepts cannot turn traitor. - Author: William Gurnall
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#13. People think that everyone wears black in France; in fact they all wear grey. - Author: Jean Paul Gaultier
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#14. I think it took me this long to realize what moving on meant. It doesn't mean forgetting what you've left behind. It means making her a memory and deciding to have a future without her in it." "Wow. - Author: Vi Keeland
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