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#1. I can tell you. In New York you are your own person. You may reach out and embrace all of Manhattan in sweet aloneness, or you can go to hell if you want to. - Author: Harper Lee
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#2. I had learned how it felt to want more than the sweet touch of hand to cheek or lips to palm, more than a kiss, more than an embrace. I was starting to discover that it is not only the mind that understands love, but also the body. - Author: Juliet Marillier
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#3. What are we toasting?" I ask, slightly bemused. "Reward for employer of the year?"

It's a dumb joke, and I almost groan at my own crappy attempt at humour. Our glasses clink and Hue just sighs.

"My only reward will be the sweet embrace of death - Author: Ruby Nox
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#4. Somewhere hell was freezing over and Satan was figure skating. - Author: Lia Riley
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#5. Sometimes at night
when the moon is almost
full and my hands go
numb from writing, I cleanse
myself of her poisoned love.
I welcome the water, the
inevitability of
death and embrace
the long painful road out
of love. - Author: A.P. Sweet
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#6. My own
Walls I built up became my home
I'm strong and I'm sure there's a fire in us
Sweet love, so pure
I catch my breath with just one beating heart
And I embrace myself, please don't tear this apart - Author: Christina Aguilera
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#7. WHERE and WHEN :;Are lost in space. THERE and THEN :;Do not embrace. So before we disappear Come sweet NOW and kiss the HERE. - Author: Yip Harburg
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#8. Live, don't know how long,
And die, don't know when;
Must go, don't know where;
I am astonished I am so cheerful. - Author: Patrick Leigh Fermor
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#9. Sympathizing over the behavior of men is the baking soda of women's friendships, it seems,the thing that makes them bubble and rise. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#10. Oh, is that my report, father?' said Mike, with a sort of sickly interest, much as a dog about to be washed might evince in his tub.'
- Mike and Psmith - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#11. I think love is caramel. Sweet and fragant; always welcome. It is the gentle golden colour of a setting harvest sun; the warmth of a squeezed embrace; the easy melting of two souls into one and a taste that lingers even when everything else has melted away. Once tasted it is never forgotten. - Author: Jenny Colgan
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#12. embrace this moment and
taste my breath
to take you away from inevitable death - Author: A.P. Sweet
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#13. Yes, she is the fruit that will Sustain me and yes, she brings A rain that I know can chill But it is a rain so sweet and sings A song my soul insists That I follow, if I would exist As more than I have ever, ever been If my mother calls it evil, then I embrace the sin - Author: Walter Dean Myers
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#14. My grandfather always told me, 'You know you're American first, but you're a Greek-American, which makes you a better American.' It sounds sort of old-world and very sweet, but what he meant was that you should embrace those things that are most special and different about you. - Author: Melina Kanakaredes
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#15. Claire happy to no longer expect ... but embrace the sweet lovely mess that is real life. - Author: Jess Walter
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#16. As they marched, the crowds lining the route broke into applause, a sweet and deeply felt spontaneous pattering that was a sort of communal embrace. Welcome home. - Author: Lance Morrow
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#17. Is love a passionate embrace,
where you grab but cannot taste.
your lustfull urge will surely replace,
that bitter sweet pleasure that only leads to disgrace, - Author: Pierre Blundell
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#18. The hats were nearly all as though made by somebody who had once heard about flowers but never seen one huge muffs of horror. - Author: Nancy Milford
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#19. Out here everybody abuses everybody. It's just the way it is. So you'd better get used to it. - excerpt from: freefalling - Author: Darlenne Susan Girard
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#20. When you talk about state of the art, that doesn't mean a damn thing. Think about it. State of the art. "This is the state of the art brush from Winsor-Newton." Yeah, but the state of the art sucks rubber donkey lungs. - Author: Mike Royer
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#21. It was time to weather the bitter and embrace the sweet and suck the marrow out of all the time we had left. - Author: Michelle Dalton
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#22. My solemn exasperation was to her the silence of love. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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