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#1. From a genomic perspective, we are all Africans. - Author: Svante Paabo
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#2. The problem is not just the wrong ormistake that you did but the correction,/right you refused to do. - Author: Ikechukwu Joseph
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#3. Believe that you may understand, - Author: Saint Augustine
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#4. In business, everything starts with integrity. Otherwise it falls apart, though it does take time to find out who has integrity. - Author: Billie Jean King
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#5. The research suggests that praise may have [a negative, unintended] effect, directing attention away from the task [at hand] and toward your reaction. - Author: Alfie Kohn
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#6. I really wanted to discover mummies, like Indiana Jones. - Author: Svante Paabo
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#7. I have many deep thoughts in God, but I take my own measure, lest I perish by boasting ... For I myself, though I am in chains and can comprehend heavenly things, the ranks of the angels and the hierarchy of principalities, things visible and invisible, for all this I am not yet a disciple. - Author: Ignatius Of Antioch
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#8. The dirty little secret of genomics is that we still know next to nothing about how a genome translates into the particularities of a living and breathing individual. If - Author: Svante Paabo
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#9. The reason there are so many stupid people is because it's illegal to kill them. - Author: John Wayne
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#10. When was the last time I chose to be happy rather than demanding to be right? - Author: Linda K. Burton
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#11. Maxon has to pick you," Lucy cried. "You're the only one - Author: Kiera Cass
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#12. We [people] are a species that's wired to tell stories. We need stories. It's how we make sense of things. It's how we learn. - Author: Steven Soderbergh
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#13. In the 50,000 years that followed - a time four to eight times shorter than the entire length of time the Neanderthals existed - the replacement crowd not only settled on almost every habitable speck of land on the planet, they developed technology that allowed them to go to the moon and beyond. - Author: Svante Paabo
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#14. A tiger doesn't proclaim its tigerness; it jumps on its prey - Author: Wole Soyinka
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#15. If you accept that a relationship is here to make you conscious instead of happy, then the relationship will offer you salvation, and you will be aligning yourself with the higher consciousness that wants to be born into this world. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#16. I want to know what changed in fully modern humans, compared with Neanderthals, that made a difference. What made it possible for us to build up these enormous societies, and spread around the globe, and develop the technology that I think no one can doubt is unique to humans. - Author: Svante Paabo
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