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#1. I asked for your heart and you gave me a stone. - Author: Rachel Hore
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#2. I do not boast that God is on my side, I humbly pray that I am on God's side. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#3. The indignity of it!-
With everything blooming above me,
Lilies, pale-pink cyclamen, roses,
Whole fields lovely and inviolate,-
Me down in the fetor of weeds,
Crawling on all fours,
Alive, in a slippery grave. - Author: Theodore Roethke
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#4. One of the things I've always felt," Steve told me, "is that if you're going to be creative, it's like jumping up in the air; you want to make damn sure the ground is going to be there when you get back. - Author: Brent Schlender
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#5. Men who expect universal peace through invention of destructive weapons of war are no wiser than one who, noting the improvement of agricultural implements, should prophesy an end to the tilling of the soil. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#6. You would be amazed by what you can give up, lose, or break, and yet still be a person who gets happy over brownies. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#7. There is nothing more wonderful in life than seeing life as an adventure. We should all try things that we're afraid of. We should all look very clearly into the unknown and enjoy it. Because when you come in contact with things that you really don't know, that's when you're truly living. - Author: Brian Molko
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#8. He glanced at Trey nervously and quickly averted his gaze to settle on Brian. "You guys rock. I absolutely idolize you. I wan't to be you."
"I want to do you," Trey said, toying with the hair at the nape of Mark's neck. - Author: Olivia Cunning
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#9. Emmanuel Lewis was amazing to work with. I'll love that guy to the end of time. - Author: Corin Nemec
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#10. The variety of polyprenol phosphate sugars may turn out to be as large as that of sugar nucleotides. - Author: Luis Federico Leloir
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#11. Of all the Gods, Love is the best friend of humankind, the helper and healer of all ills that stand in the way of human happiness. - Author: Plato
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#12. But this role doesn't need an adventurer as much as it needs someone who can... look at each world with fresh eyes. Who can perceive things deeply. Not an adventurer - an artist. You were the one we needed all along. - Author: Claudia Gray
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#13. I like having a private name and a public name. It helps keep things straight. - Author: S.E. Hinton
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