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Top 8 Superfluidity Quotes

#1. Greatness is not a dream but an achievement . - Author: Osunsakin Adewale
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#2. Time, it covered over everything eventually. Events, people, memory. Chiniquy had disappeared beneath Time. - Author: Louise Penny
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#3. There are few moments in science in which you genuinely are excited. The discovery of superfluidity in helium-3 was one of those moments. - Author: David Lee
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#4. The discovery of superfluidity opened up a new understanding in the science world. - Author: David Lee
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#5. Get with it, or get left behind. - Author: Eli
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#6. There is no such thing as cool--follow your enthusiasms honestly. The few records you ever bought to impress stay in their sleeves...

Except for the Stone Roses' first one Ooooh lovely. - Author: Joseph Galliano
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#7. It is better not to try people, not to force them to desperation. Make them prosper; out of superfluidity, they will be generous. Full bellies breed gentle manners. The pinch of famine makes monsters. - Author: Hilary Mantel
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#8. Basically the tax reform ideas are to clean up the tax system and to eliminate the loopholes that only very few make use of, to eliminate the possibility of people making millions of dollars every year and not paying any tax at all through oil depletion allowances and things like that. - Author: Warren Beatty
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