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#1. Onions, along with leeks, garlic, shallots and scallions, make up the allium family of vegetables, which can have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and immune systems, as well as possible anti-diabetic and anti-cancer effects. - Author: Joel Fuhrman
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#2. Generally, I find a lot to be grateful for. - Author: Katey Sagal
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#3. The Council of Scholars has said that we all know the things which exist and therefore the things which are not known by all do not exist. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#4. Don't ask me how he got here, or what he really is. I think we've all learned over the years that the sooner we accept the simple explanation for the unexplained, the better chance we have of surviving a crisis. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#5. You mean I deserve someone like you? Someone who I know nothing about and has no quarrels with fucking me, but a huge issue with relationships? Yep, I got everything I deserve right there. - Author: Skyla Madi
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#6. Time moves slowly, but passes quickly. - Author: Alice Walker
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#7. I've got lots of favourite authors, but I would say Nicci French because I look more forward to reading her next new book than any other author. - Author: Sophie Hannah
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#8. I have a great interest in a number of things, perhaps too many. I admire people who seem to concentrate on only one fixed discipline to the exclusion of almost everything else. - Author: Tom Glazer
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#9. It's a great compliment that people think they're fast reads. It's always funny to me because it takes so long to get a book (written)
for me, it's never quick. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#10. The three states of the caterpillar, larva, and butterfly have, since the time of the Greek poets, been applied to typify the human being,
its terrestrial form, apparent death, and ultimate celestial destination. - Author: Humphry Davy
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#11. He acts without contact,instructs without meeting,guides without pointing.Desires do not conflict with Him,thoughts do not mingle with Him:His essence is without qualification (takyeef),His action without effort (takleef). - Author: Mansur Al-Hallaj
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#12. Well said, forehead; your declaration shall be respected. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#13. Yoga has brought me closer to myself. It's helped me realize the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit, in the Buddhist sense of the word. - Author: Christy Turlington
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#14. How many times, Edward wondered, would he have to leave without getting the chance to say goodbye? - Author: Kate DiCamillo
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#15. I appear to be drawn to iconic characters and what they reflect back to our cultures. - Author: Tom Hooper
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