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#1. Look at it this way," Ms. Terwilliger said, after several moments of thought. "The callistana thinks of you two as its parents. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#2. They like life alright, but that they would like it even better if they could know that it was going to end sometime. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#3. I always jest to people, the Oval Office is the kind of place where people stand outside, they're getting ready to come in and tell me what for, and they walk in and get overwhelmed in the atmosphere, and they say, man, you're looking pretty. - Author: George W. Bush
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#4. I woke to the sound of rain. - Author: Sylvia Plath
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#5. One must submit, like a traveller who has to ascend a mountain: if the mountain was not there, the road would be both shorter and pleasanter; but there it is, and he must get over it. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#6. I am the product of any imperfection of mine I have never used to make my life better. - Author: Angelos Michalopoulos
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#7. The hippogriff took off into the air ... He and his rider became smaller and smaller as Harry gazed after them ... then a cloud drifted across the moon ... They were gone. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#8. Often in life, the most important question we can ask ourselves is: do we really have the problem we think we have? - Author: Sheri Fink
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#9. I said I was 'The Greatest,' I never said I was the smartest! - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#10. Practise your knowledge, for knowledge without practice is a body without life - Author: Idries Shah
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#11. To restore a sense of reality, I think Walt Disney should have a Hardluckland. - Author: Jack Paar
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