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#1. I have had a hard time settling on one medium and feel like a dilettante at times, taking up one medium and then wanting to learn to work in another. At age 76, I really don't have the time to settle down to one medium when there are so many avenues to explore. - Author: Nancy Johnson
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#2. I lose all track of time on that level. I used to have a really good sense of time. I didn't need a clock to play, and I had a sense of when five, ten, twenty minutes had passed. Now I can only play with a clock. - Author: Z'EV
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#3. Breathing air is a liberating experience. It freed our ancestors from the constraints of staying wet or having to remain within easy reach of water for refuge, respiration or reproduction. But the biggest change it made in our lives was to expose us to a whole new range of sensory experience. - Author: Lyall Watson
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#4. I have my disagreements with President Obama, but President Obama has run an amazingly scandal-free administration, not only he himself, but the people around him. He's chosen people who have been pretty scandal-free. - Author: Mark Shields
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#5. I'll make a diet cheesecake, but I'll put it in a Sara Lee box. Or I'll have a huge bowl of pasta, but it's actually just a cup of pasta - the rest is vegetables. It makes me feel less deprived. - Author: Stephen Furst
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#6. Dark trees leaped across his vision like aghast dancers in the nacreous light. - Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
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#7. I remember, I remember
The roses, red and white,
The violets, and the lily-cups,
Those flowers made of light!
The lilacs, where the robin built,
And where my brother set
The laburmum on his birthday,-
The tree is living yet. - Author: Thomas Hood
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#8. Woman, the child of so many tears shall never perish. - Author: Ambrose Of Milan
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#9. It slightly worries me that when people find a problem, they rush to judgment of what to do. - Author: Janet Yellen
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#10. And when I look into his eyes there's a feeling of something I can only describe as familiarity, a sense of safety. Like coming home. - Author: Rebecca James
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