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Top 11 Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah Quotes

#1. I don't read reviews. I refuse to have my ego inflated or deflated by someone I don't know. - Author: Suzan-Lori Parks
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#2. The shift in my thinking began when I realized that truth sets us free and that Jesus is the truth. In - Author: Neil T. Anderson
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#3. You can miss an experience by obsessing over how to contain it. - Author: Gina Greenlee
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#4. Unexpected gifts were better accepted when they were presented by total strangers, I had learnt. - Author: Vann Chow
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#5. I very seldom read back into what I've written. - Author: John Berger
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#6. I stared down into her eyes, trying to read the emotions I saw there. I wanted her. More than a dance. More than a fuck.
I was drunk on her, and in this case, sobriety was just out of my reach. - Author: Chanel Cleeton
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#7. He whose sin is due to desires, then have hope for him. And he whose sin is due to pride, then fear for him - because Nabi Adam disobeyed due to desire and was forgiven, and Iblis sinned due to pride and was cursed - Author: Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah
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#8. There is something wrong in a government where they who do the most have the least. There is something wrong when honesty wears a rag, and rascality a robe; when the loving, the tender, east a crust, while the infamous sit at banquets. - Author: Robert G. Ingersoll
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#9. But, I would always be thinking of how pictures are constructed and colour, how to use it, I mean you're using it for constructing, makes you think about it, the place did as well. - Author: David Hockney
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#10. Whoever seeks honor [by marrying a woman] will be tested with lowliness, and whoever seeks wealth [by marrying a woman] will be tested with poverty, but whoever looks for righteousness [in a woman], then Allah would combine both honor and wealth with righteousness for him in her. - Author: Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah
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#11. Charity only perpetuates poverty by taking the initiative away from the poor. - Author: Muhammad Yunus
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