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#1. Explore your sacred existence. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#2. I'd have a few on and off, but the commitment was always more on the girls' part than on mine, to be perfectly honest. So, I met a girl in Tokyo, on my Japanese tour, with whom I've been living ever since, very happily. Her name is Suchi. - Author: Iggy Pop
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#3. Susan, nonetheless, wanted to know why she was having such a dating problem. Dusty said, I think your problem is that you think everyone else is a freak except you, but everybody's a freak- you included- and once you learn that, the World of Dating is yours. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#4. Homework, root canals, and deadlines are the important things in life, and only when we have these major dramas taken care of can we presume to look at the larger questions. - Author: Cynthia Heimel
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#5. Some people are doomed from birth because their environment is so toxic. - Author: Charlie LeDuff
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#6. Consider what really makes up your self-worth - like your caring heart or your ability to stand tall in the face of adversity - Author: Susan Bernstein
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#7. Fire Orchid patted his cheek. Lucky for you, you don't need worry about love at all. Because you have a wife. - Author: Michael Swanwick
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#8. What I want, isn't what I need... - Author: Shayla Black
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#9. Let every step you take upon the earth be as a prayer. - Author: Black Elk
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#10. Of course Suchi and I did no such things as passing notes to guys. We were too cool to fall in love and things like that. At least, that is what we told ourselves. - Author: Preeti Shenoy
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#11. A Ming vase can be well-designed and well-made and is beautiful for that reason alone. I don't think this can be true for photography. Unless there is something a little incomplete and a little strange, it will simply look like a copy of something pretty. We won't take an interest in it. - Author: John Loengard
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