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Top 13 Subtend Quotes

#1. Envy is a spirit of dissatisfaction or opposition to the prosperity or happiness of other people. - Author: Jonathan Edwards
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#2. It is difficult to begin without borrowing, but perhaps it is the most generous course thus to permit your fellow-men to have an interest in your enterprise. The owner of the axe, as he released his hold on it, said that it was the apple of his eye; but I returned it sharper than I received it. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#3. Once Trump got his hands around this promising idea, he basically strangled it. - Author: Joe Nocera
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#4. Golf and alcohol don't mix
And that's why I don't drink and drive
Because, good grief I'd knock out my teeth
And have to kiss my smile goodbye - Author: Owl City
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#5. I never used to run before this, never wanted to and never had the time to. Now, I run nearly every day. - Author: Patricia Hamill
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#6. I didnt want to be encumbered by what anyone elses abilities were, their equipment or environment or their ability to get certain products. - Author: Thomas Keller
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#7. A nation without patriotism won't win any war. - Author: Toba Beta
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#8. I'd rather be free in Hell than in chains in America."--Victoria Woodhull in The Renegade Queen - Author: Eva Flynn
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#9. As soon as I did, everything, the whole room, just clicked. - Author: Glenn Quinn
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#10. Reform is like morning glories; they look great early in the day and then they disappear. - Author: George W. Plunkitt
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#11. In the middle of the light is the most exquisite boy I've ever seen. His face is both achingly perfect and terrifyingly severe". - Author: Carey Corp
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#12. The French Revolution, by claiming to build history on the principle of absolute purity,
inaugurates modern times simultaneously with the era of formal morality. - Author: Albert Camus
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#13. Some truths are truths, no matter who says them. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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