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Top 23 Submissive Male Quotes

#1. No family should have to endure the loss of a loved one at the hands of a previously convicted violent criminal. - Author: Niecy Nash
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#2. Acting so obviously submissive to Max around strangers, I felt a lot of humiliation. The looks from people, the comments. But I also felt this strange sense of pride. I am his possession, his property. And I'm proud of that. I'm proud of how happy I make him. - Author: Willow Madison
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#3. I certainly believe that being in contact with one's spirit and nurturing one's spirit is as important as nurturing one's body and mind. We are three dimensional beings: body, mind, spirit. - Author: Laurence Fishburne
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#4. You are accompanied through life, Emily Jesse occasionally understood, not only by the beloved and accusing departed, but by your own ghost too, also accusing, also unappeased. - Author: A.S. Byatt
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#5. I'm the answer to her pain. She's my answer for the need for it. - Author: Willow Madison
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#6. There's no such thing as intelligent vanity. It's an instinct. And you'll never find a man who is not first and foremost vain. - Author: Louis-Ferdinand Celine
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#7. Consider yourself taken, sweetheart. - Author: Jacintha Topaz
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#8. I'm here to deliver what you need. - Author: Jacintha Topaz
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#9. Doing 'EastEnders' wasn't exactly suffering, but my soul's not in quick-fix TV. Theatre doesn't pay like TV work pays, though. We all have to live, don't we? - Author: Phil Daniels
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#10. I no longer fear the pain...I fear no release from this torture...knowing that I've hurt him and he can't forgive me...that he won't be able to make me his good girl again. - Author: Willow Madison
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#11. Emma Watson is adorable in the extreme. She is such a lovely person. - Author: Bill Nighy
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#12. Often we are identified with either the inner man or woman, while the other side is hidden and unexpressed. Outer relationships are a mirror of the relationship and communication between our own inner man and female side. Sometimes one side is dominant, while the other side is submissive. - Author: Swami Dhyan Giten
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#13. Career progression often depends upon taking risks and advocating for oneself - traits that girls are discouraged from exhibiting. This may explain why girls' academic gains have not yet translated into significantly higher numbers of women in top jobs. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#14. He gets hard seeing his marks on me. I get wet knowing this. I don't try to analyze it. It's just us. - Author: Willow Madison
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#15. What is Genius?- To aspire to a lofty aim and to will the means to that aim. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#16. Don't make me slap your pussy. - Author: Jacintha Topaz
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#17. I'm going to give you pleasure so good you'll forget your name... You're going to think my name is Yes, God Yes, or Fuck Yes. - Author: Jacintha Topaz
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#18. He started with his shirt. Inside he was laughing at himself as he undid each button. Chris Welsh, male stripper. But the look in her eyes made him feel like the most potent, desired man on the planet. - Author: Ellen Connor
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#19. It is a rather risky matter to discuss a happiness that has no need of words. - Author: Yukio Mishima
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#20. The only way I'm letting you go is off. - Author: Jacintha Topaz
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#21. The second rule is family is a choice."
I thought about that. "You can't choose your family. It's all blood relations."
"Family consists of people you care about, who care about you, who try to make an effort. - Author: C.L.Stone
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#22. I have spent many years trying to recover a common language, one that can cross the distance between people. - Author: Robert Bly
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#23. No society has gone the way of gulags or concentration camps by following the path of Spinoza and Einstein and Jefferson and Thomas Paine - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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