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Top 15 Submariner Quotes

#1. Wheresoe'er I turn my view,
All is strange, yet nothing new:
Endless labor all along,
Endless labor to be wrong:
Phrase that Time has flung away;
Uncouth words in disarray,
Trick'd in antique ruff and bonnet,
Ode, and elegy, and sonnet. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#2. I appreciate very much Vilayat Khan, the sitar player, and Bismillah Khan, the shehnai player; and among the tabla players, of course, Alla Rakha, Kishan Maharaja, and all these people. - Author: Ravi Shankar
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#3. Keep my word' is such a strange expression. At first glance, it just means 'Be true to what you agreed on. But it could also mean, 'Hold your words back.' Keep them in. Let your actions speak instead. - Author: Peter Gould
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#4. post-traumatic growth could take five different forms: finding personal strength, gaining appreciation, forming deeper relationships, discovering more meaning in life, and seeing new possibilities. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#5. Anger clouded judgement. - Author: Michael Scott
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#6. I think some people ramp a side of themselves up for performance purposes. - Author: Jo Brand
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#7. Fortune blinds men when she does not wish them to withstand the violence of her onslaughts. - Author: Livy
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#8. Everyone believes that the prospect for a civil war has diminished significantly over the past several days. All the mainstream leaders of Iraq believe that civil war must be avoided. It's very positive that they are all saying it. - Author: Zalmay Khalilzad
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#9. I use my single windup, my double windup, my triple windup, my hesitation windup, my no windup. I also use my step-n-pitch-it, my submariner, my sidearmer and my bat dodger. Man's got to do what he's got to do. - Author: Satchel Paige
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#10. I joined the Navy hoping to be submariner and ended up in the sub service aboard a tender in the Pacific. - Author: Tony Curtis
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#11. Expectations are an evil thing. - Author: Skylar Grey
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#12. Mindless violence against the undead?" said Zzzap. "Count me in. - Author: Peter Clines
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#13. I think if you start to think too much about things that are completely out of control, it will just drive you crazy as an actor. - Author: Matt Bomer
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#14. I was fascinated by the [operation] of a U-boat ... where every single man was an indispensable part of the whole. Every submariner, I am sure, has experienced in his heart [the joy of] the task entrusted to him [and] felt as rich as a king. - Author: Karl Donitz
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#15. GMOs could really land us in trouble - Author: Colin Tudge
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