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#1. You hid behind the door? Really?" She steps forward sheepishly. "I'm sorry." "You can shove your sorries in a sack, baby - Author: Elle Kennedy
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#2. I'm convinced that no life is worth living if it is not lived for God's glory. - Author: Rebekah Snyder
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#3. My mother was a high-strung perfectionist. She would check my homework for the slightest imperfection and demand that it be redone if she detected any flaws, which she invariably did. My father, in contrast, was easy going and affable and delighted in helping me with any project. - Author: Robert Lefkowitz
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#4. Man wishes woman to be peaceable, but in fact she is essentially warlike, like the cat. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#5. I'm just glad that I have this huge fan. - Author: Petra Kvitova
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#6. Life is not simple, and therefore history, which is past life, is not simple. - Author: David Shannon
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#7. You thinkin bout the time I shot you and you rose from the dead? It only happens once in your life." He turned to Carol again and she said:
"Were you actually aiming at his hat?"
"I hit it didn't I? - Author: Elmore Leonard
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#8. It's interesting that there's so many different sides of this: Women get frustrated that we don't get paid enough; and then the Republicans or the CEOs that are men say, "Well, it's because women take off time for maternity leave." - Author: Jennifer Lawrence
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#9. The True Artist has the planet for his pedestal; the adventurer, after years of strife, has nothing broader than his shoes. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#10. The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play! - Author: Sarah Nathan
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#11. I'm not trying to turn into Eddie Murphy, and just do kids movies the rest of my career. I'm going to still do a wide variety of movies, as well as do hardcore rap. - Author: Ice Cube
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#12. God has created in man the desire for Himself and has offered Himself as the object of man's desire. He is the only One sufficient to fill the God-shaped hole within man's soul. - Author: Jim Berg
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#13. The best thing a writer can do is walk. Walking gives you ideas. - Author: Tony Grisoni
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#14. Any area of my life for which I have no hope is under the influence of a lie. - Author: Bill Johnson
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#15. As success converts treason into legitimacy, so belief converts fiction into fact, and nothing is but what is not. - Author: Samuel Laman Blanchard
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