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#1. I hated being volunteered. The problem with my life was that it was someone else's idea. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#2. The middle class, that prisoner of the barbarian 20th century. - Author: Sinclair Lewis
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#3. Growing up in the English countryside seemed an interminable process. Freezing winter gave way to frosty spring, which in turn merged into chilly summer-but nothing ever, ever happened. - Author: Jessica Mitford
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#4. Family is not an important thing, it is everything - Author: Michael J. Fox
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#5. Those times when you feel like quitting can be times of great opportunity, for God uses your troubles to help you grow. - Author: Warren W. Wiersbe
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#6. Nothing is important save the spiritual state that enables one to subjectify one's thoughts to a sensation and to think only of the sensation, all the while searching to express it. - Author: Edouard Vuillard
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#7. We all need to have a creative outlet - a window, a space - so we don't lose track of ourselves. - Author: Zoketsu Norman Fischer
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#8. But it's true, when you see some television, you carry it with you. It's like 90210. Tell me what young shows were being done then ... We were thrilled about the ratings around the world. - Author: Aaron Spelling
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#9. The arts objectify subjective reality, and subjectify outward experience of nature. Art education is the education of feeling, and a society that neglects it gives itself up to formless emotion. Bad art is corruption of feeling. - Author: Susanne Katherina Langer
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#10. I was freakishly ambitious. I didn't want to be a child. I wanted my own flat, to work and be a grown up. - Author: Billie Piper
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