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Top 100 Stupid Ex Sayings

#1. Nonsense is socially OK, but not stupidity. - Author: Mason Cooley
Stupid Ex Sayings #20157
#2. I've said some stupid things and some wrong things, but not that. No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough for all time. - Author: Bill Gates
Stupid Ex Sayings #23899
#3. Congratulations, he said. "That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen." His expression was a mix of awe and disbelief. "Ever. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Stupid Ex Sayings #23624
#4. Most people sleep themselves stupid. - Author: Arnold Bennett
Stupid Ex Sayings #23592
#5. The rule is: don't use commas like a stupid person. I mean it. - Author: Lynne Truss
Stupid Ex Sayings #22718
#6. If I can make a dollar, I certainly am not stupid. - Author: Caitlyn Jenner
Stupid Ex Sayings #22228
#7. I have found a way to beat myself
I win by losing, something like that
I'm told that I'm stupid
So ok, I'll be stupid
If I can't register the pain
Then it's not there
I'm not so stupid after all
I'll show them - Author: Henry Rollins
Stupid Ex Sayings #22145
#8. Most criminals are stupid. They creep $500,000 homes in the Garden District, load up two dozen bottles of gin, whiskey, vermouth, and Collins mix in a $2,000 Irish linen tablecloth and later drink the booze and throw the tablecloth away. - Author: James Lee Burke
Stupid Ex Sayings #22120
#9. People always pay a lot of money for things that make them stupid. - Author: Dan Simmons
Stupid Ex Sayings #21506
#10. Everyone loved her, but her greatest sorrow was that she could find no one to love in return, since all the men were much too stupid and ugly to mate with one so beautiful and wise. - Author: L. Frank Baum
Stupid Ex Sayings #21376
#11. Dance you guys!" Thalia ordered. "You look stupid just standing there."
I looked nervously at Annabeth, then at the groups of girls who were roaming the gym.
"Well?" Annabeth asked.
"Um, who should I ask?"
She punched me in the gut. "Me, Seaweed Brain."
"Oh. Oh right. - Author: Rick Riordan
Stupid Ex Sayings #20770
#12. When happiness points in one direction while wisdom, truth, integrity, and common sense point in another, that's when really smart people start doing really stupid things. - Author: Andy Stanley
Stupid Ex Sayings #20513
#13. Of course drugs were fun. And that's what's so stupid about anti-drug campaigns: they don't admit that. I can't say I feel particularly scarred or lessened by my experimentation with drugs. They've gotten a very bad name. - Author: Anjelica Huston
Stupid Ex Sayings #20421
#14. A person can be educated and still be stupid, and a wise man can have no education at all. - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
Stupid Ex Sayings #24532
#15. More times than I can remember I look around and I ask why the hole I'm in looks so strangely familiar. Probably because it looks a whole lot like all the other ones I dug before I got around to digging this one. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Stupid Ex Sayings #19462
#16. Sean Penn's really the only one stupid enough to put anything down on paper. - Author: Trey Parker
Stupid Ex Sayings #19282
#17. This girl. This little high school kid with her stupid boots and her Addams Family wardrobe and her skin as white and floury-looking as unbaked bread. Pillsbury goth girl, just out of the can. - Author: Kelly Braffet
Stupid Ex Sayings #19065
#18. Stupid water, ruining my enjoyment of swimming. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Stupid Ex Sayings #18994
#19. The assumption that simple = stupid. But it's not true; indeed, I find from personal experience that the stupidest writers are the ones whose writing is positively baroque in form. - Author: John Scalzi
Stupid Ex Sayings #18246
#20. I love the bullshit morning shows. They're so stupid but I love them. - Author: Ben Dreyfuss
Stupid Ex Sayings #18012
#21. She firmly held the theory that everyone gets at least one very stupid superpower. - Author: Maureen Johnson
Stupid Ex Sayings #17574
#22. I don't run outside, honestly. Sometimes I go out around my house, but mainly it's the stupid treadmill. I wish I had a better answer, but I'm very businesslike about my runs. - Author: Drew Carey
Stupid Ex Sayings #17303
#23. You have to protect it too, you can't let just any stupid person take it and do something demoralizing with it. At the same time, I don't believe in being so rigid about controlling what happens either. - Author: Paul Auster
Stupid Ex Sayings #16685
#24. It was absolutely marvelous working for Pauli. You could ask him anything. There was no worry that he would think a particular question was stupid, since he thought all questions were stupid. - Author: Victor Frederick Weisskopf
Stupid Ex Sayings #16668
#25. Chicago - this vicious, stinking zoo, this mean-grinning, Mace-smelling boneyard of a city; an elegant rockpile monument to everything cruel and stupid and corrupt in the human spirit. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Stupid Ex Sayings #16205
#26. I have a habit of filling quiet moments with stupid chatter rather than intelligent vocal contributions to society. - Author: Jessica Thompson
Stupid Ex Sayings #29196
#27. Ragnor's important business was probably getting together to write a burn book with Raphael. Magnus could see them now, sharing a bench and scribbling happily away about Magnus's stupid hair. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Stupid Ex Sayings #32940
#28. When you point a finger at the moon to indicate the moon, instead of looking at the moon,the stupid ones look at your finger. - Author: Mao Tse-tung
Stupid Ex Sayings #32562
#29. Just Leo's luck. A super-hot immortal girl was waiting for him on Ogygia, but he couldn't figure out how to wire a stupid chunk of rock into the three-thousand-year-old navigation device. Some problems even duct tape couldn't solve. - Author: Rick Riordan
Stupid Ex Sayings #32559
#30. These raids didn't usually end in violence, but people got emotional, and emotional people did stupid things. - Author: Erica Lindquist
Stupid Ex Sayings #31931
#31. It was stupid to hope for more. But it wouldn't be the first time her heart and her head had operated in opposition. The secret, foolish desire that she would be the one woman who he wanted more from. - Author: Nikki Logan
Stupid Ex Sayings #31869
#32. From what I have observed, when the anesthesia of love wears off, there is always the pain of consequences. You don't have to be stupid to marry the wrong man. - Author: Amy Tan
Stupid Ex Sayings #31745
#33. The beauty of me is that I'm very rich. - Author: Donald Trump
Stupid Ex Sayings #31089
#34. In prison it must be made rich Library, people must educate their self there. Not to go stupid and more. - Author: Deyth Banger
Stupid Ex Sayings #30956
#35. Your family is real, but mine isn't? Real people with real feelings, but my family isn't real to you. You think. I'm a character. A story. Those women you talk about. Not real people to you. Stupid women. I'm real. I'm as real as you are. My family is real like your family. - Author: Bryn Greenwood
Stupid Ex Sayings #30944
#36. You might never comprehend my madness. But it stands behind my undying love for you. You're the object of my everything. I'm sorry I've been stupid lately. - Author: Crystal Woods
Stupid Ex Sayings #30894
#37. If it were possible to go back in a time machine and change the stupid things some of us did in grammar school and junior high, Soups old buddy, that gadget would be booked up right into the twenty-third century. - Author: Stephen King
Stupid Ex Sayings #30617
#38. Where the frick are you?! I've been frickin' driving all frickin' around this stupid frickin' city all frickin' day trying to find the frickin' hotel because apparently frickin' Emily doesn't know where the frick it is either. - Author: Melanie Fair
Stupid Ex Sayings #29499
#39. Men ask such stupid questions. - Author: Debra Dixon
Stupid Ex Sayings #15188
#40. Maybe now he thinks I'm stupid, or strange. Maybe it was worth it. I - Author: Veronica Roth
Stupid Ex Sayings #28239
#41. [D]on't be so smart that you act stupid. - Author: Dana Alison Levy
Stupid Ex Sayings #27567
#42. I wanted to become a champ - I was surrounded by champs in my family and in my neighborhood - and because of this stupid accident, I lost my opportunity. - Author: Olivier Martinez
Stupid Ex Sayings #27555
#43. What were good and evil, really, but stupid categories? Stupid categories
that restricted people and punished or rewarded them based on how they responded to their own natures, natures they really didn't have any way to control. - Author: Richelle Mead
Stupid Ex Sayings #27511
#44. All three combined is ... a different kind of stupid formerly unheard of by humankind. - Author: Veronica Roth
Stupid Ex Sayings #27430
#45. If we are not stupid then we are bound to become one. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
Stupid Ex Sayings #27297
#46. Indeed I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong - Author: William J. Clinton
Stupid Ex Sayings #26602
#47. People says it gets easier. People are stupid.
-Vlad - Author: Heather Brewer
Stupid Ex Sayings #26581
#48. In reality, Eduardo hoped the mask would make him appear vulnerable and self conscious, like a wounded animal these stupid women would fight each other over to mend. - Author: Raquel Cepeda
Stupid Ex Sayings #25950
#49. Your sister is the only creature on earth who shares your heritage, history, environment, DNA, bone structure, and contempt for stupid Aunt Gertie. - Author: Linda Sunshine
Stupid Ex Sayings #25803
#50. 500 dollars? Fully subsidized? With a plan? I said that is the most expensive phone in the world. And it doesn't appeal to business customers because it doesn't have a keyboard. Which makes it not a very good email machine. - Author: Steve Ballmer
Stupid Ex Sayings #24633
#51. When people did stupid things around him, that was usually the last thing they did. - Author: Hunter Shea
Stupid Ex Sayings #5185
#52. I know this sounds stupid, but in some ways, the way I look is a drawback. - Author: Tim Daly
Stupid Ex Sayings #8523
#53. It is stupid on my part to think of banning the media. - Author: Shah Rukh Khan
Stupid Ex Sayings #8522
#54. Do not be disingenuous with me, Colonel Graff. Americans are quite apt at playing stupid when they choose to, but I am not to be deceived. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Stupid Ex Sayings #8055
#55. In modern life the world belongs to the stupid, the insensitive and the disturbed. The right to live and triumph is today earned with the same qualifications one requires to be interned in a madhouse: amorality, hypomania and an incapacity for thought. - Author: Fernando Pessoa
Stupid Ex Sayings #7858
#56. What's life without a little risk? Sometimes you have to gamble to achieve greatness, and it's stupid to let fear of the unknown stop you from achieving your maximum potential. - Author: Jaycee DeLorenzo
Stupid Ex Sayings #7821
#57. Even though sugar was very expensive, people consumed it till their teeth turned black, and if their teeth didn't turn black naturally, they blackened them artificially to show how wealthy and marvelously self-indulgent they were. - Author: Bill Bryson
Stupid Ex Sayings #7413
#58. Your breasts are alabaster orbs.' "What?" Rufus objected. "That's stupid. I'm not saying that."
"Do you have some better suggestion?"
"Why can't you just say she's got a fair set of titties? - Author: Tessa Dare
Stupid Ex Sayings #7307
#59. If a girl is stupid enough to love you after you broke her heart, I guarantee you, she is the one. - Author: Anonymous
Stupid Ex Sayings #7143
#60. Naked guy think Hulk stupid? - Author: Mark Millar
Stupid Ex Sayings #6992
#61. Countries who don't have brave prosecutors and fearless judges will instead have plenty of thieves, many killers and even stupid dictators! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Stupid Ex Sayings #6966
#62. When you convert a good book to a film. stupid things happen - Author: Jesse Andrews
Stupid Ex Sayings #5384
#63. Any stupid remark, quoted often enough, becomes gospel. - Author: Leslie Charteris
Stupid Ex Sayings #5274
#64. I'm out to change people's attitudes about them. Wolves are a whole lot more than just predators who feast on a rancher's herd. They're smart and clever and loyal and courageours, and sometimes they do really stupid, silly things, just like people. - Author: R.C. Ryan
Stupid Ex Sayings #8700
#65. The thing about interviews is that if someone interviews you, and they're an idiot, then they make you sound like an idiot, too. They ask you stupid questions, and they bring you down to their level. It's tempting to not ever want to talk to anybody, but you can't do that. - Author: Dean Wareham
Stupid Ex Sayings #5117
#66. Wanting to be happy is not stupid. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
Stupid Ex Sayings #4938
#67. It's been a long time since anybody caught me saying something stupid. - Author: Ted Turner
Stupid Ex Sayings #4820
#68. You think that because I want to do what's right, because I want to make things better, I'm weak," Claire said. "Or that I'm stupid. But I'm not. It takes a lot more strength to know how bad the world is and not want to be part of that, give in to it. And I do know, Kim. Believe me. - Author: Rachel Caine
Stupid Ex Sayings #4460
#69. The evil queen was stupid to play Snow White's game. There's an age where a woman has to move on to another kind of power. Money, for example. Or a gun. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Stupid Ex Sayings #4128
#70. When things get so absurd and so stupid and so ridiculous that you just can't bear it, you cannot help but turn everything into a joke. - Author: David Byrne
Stupid Ex Sayings #3554
#71. He began to view writing as a petty ambition, a frivolous and indulgent whim, creativity itself as the pathology of the very young or very stupid. - Author: Galt Niederhoffer
Stupid Ex Sayings #3340
#72. I guess I was the most unbohemian of all bohemians. My bohemianism consisted of not wanting to get involved with the stupid stuff that I thought people wanted you to get involved with - ... namely America ... Dwight Eisenhower, McCarthyism and all those great things. - Author: Amiri Baraka
Stupid Ex Sayings #3103
#73. Is not all the stupid chatter of most of our newspapers the babble of fools who suffer from the fixed idea of morality, legality, christianity and so forth, and only seem to go about free because the madhouse in which they walk takes in so broad a space? - Author: Max Stirner
Stupid Ex Sayings #2863
#74. Any politician or scientist who tells you these [GMO] products are safe is either very stupid or lying. - Author: David Suzuki
Stupid Ex Sayings #2011
#75. The 'fear of change' excuse is something you see trotted out by organizations or management that believe customers are old, stupid, ignorant, and stubborn. - Author: Ian Lamont
Stupid Ex Sayings #1869
#76. I'm afraid Pierre finds me lacking. (Gabrielle)
If he's stupid enough to let me know, he'll find his face lacking a nose. (Carlos) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Stupid Ex Sayings #13083
#77. CNN's problem goes to its very core and to the identity it's sought ever since the rise of Fox News, on its right: CNN is the channel for people who don't want to watch the other channels! That's a stupid strategy. - Author: Alex Pareene
Stupid Ex Sayings #14792
#78. Atheism has become a major threat to the church. New Atheists tend to be articulate and belligerent. They are aggressively engaging in "atheist evangelism," determined to stamp out every vestige of belief in God, which they insist is not only "stupid" but "wicked." - Author: Dave Hunt
Stupid Ex Sayings #14757
#79. I am against censorship. I don't think there is anything more stupid than censorship. - Author: Nelson Algren
Stupid Ex Sayings #14724
#80. Our leaders are stupid. Our politicians are stupid. - Author: Donald Trump
Stupid Ex Sayings #14654
#81. The industrial part of Detroit is really the most interesting side, otherwise it's like the rest of the United States, ugly and stupid. - Author: Frida Kahlo
Stupid Ex Sayings #14495
#82. I wish I was more stupid because I'm either completely ecstatic and joyous and absolutely high as a kite or I'm a bit morbid. There's never anything in between. - Author: Paloma Faith
Stupid Ex Sayings #14307
#83. The more comfortable we become with being stupid, the deeper we will wade into the unknown and the more likely we are to make big discoveries - Author: Martin A. Schwartz
Stupid Ex Sayings #14115
#84. The key to holding a logical argument or debate is to allow oneself to understand the other person's argument no matter how divergent their views may seem. - Author: Auliq Ice
Stupid Ex Sayings #13514
#85. Unless you have a life of great importance, regrets are stupid, crumpled-up tickets to a circus that has already left town. - Author: Lorrie Moore
Stupid Ex Sayings #13475
#86. I'm in love with you, you stupid arse, and I'm not losing you. Got it?" she whispered against his lips before kissing him again. Her confession had stolen his breath, so all he could do was nod. "Now, once again, how do we fix you?" she asked, when they finally parted. To - Author: Morgan Rhodes
Stupid Ex Sayings #13371
#87. Unhappiness does make people look stupid. - Author: Anatole France
Stupid Ex Sayings #13260
#88. Fine. Such a stupid word really. It feels empty and weightless. It's the kind of word you use to hide the truth. - Author: Krista Ritchie
Stupid Ex Sayings #13241
#89. But that's the wrong question. Ask why everyone else is so pathetically stupid and why they're always whining about detention, I should get a medal for not slapping people in the face every day. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Stupid Ex Sayings #1428
#90. Damn. That was stupid, wasn't it? We nearly got killed over ice cream. - Author: Rachel Caine
Stupid Ex Sayings #12759
#91. Sitting here now today, I can forgive a lot of the English people because it only takes a hand full of bad people to do something stupid like that and it can make the whole country look bad. - Author: Marvin Hagler
Stupid Ex Sayings #12207
#92. When I was younger I knew I could do anything - I could be the president if I wanted to, but that was a stupid idea - I'd rather be a rock star. - Author: Kurt Cobain
Stupid Ex Sayings #11894
#93. I'm before him on my knees, and he kisses me He assumes I lose my reason and I do. Men are stupid, men are vain, Love's disgusting, love's insane, A humiliating business-oh how true. - Author: Stephen Sondheim
Stupid Ex Sayings #11704
#94. Again, if I was going to call Romney and the Republicans stupid, I'm certainly not going to call the Democrats and President Obama stupid. - Author: Antonio Villaraigosa
Stupid Ex Sayings #11681
#95. Sometimes I feel so stupid and dull and uncreative that I am amazed when people tell me differently. - Author: Sylvia Plath
Stupid Ex Sayings #11382
#96. That's stupid. That's like going to someone who's just won the lottery, taking their money, and saying, 'Look, let's just go back to how things should be. It's better that way. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Stupid Ex Sayings #11108
#97. But in any case, I did poorly on the tests and so, in the first three years of school, I had teachers who thought I was stupid and when people think you're stupid, they have low expectations for you. - Author: Robert Sternberg
Stupid Ex Sayings #10813
#98. Emotions generally led to irrational and stupid actions. In this game, they were likely to be fatal. He regained his composure and became logical, rational, disconnected. - Author: Roger Weston
Stupid Ex Sayings #10033
#99. Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Stupid Ex Sayings #9085
#100. By the time you are in your thirties, most of the time, you've got a job, you can pay for your rent, you can create this nice world around you. And still, you're only in your thirties - you're not that far away from your twenties, which is when you're making all of your stupid mistakes. - Author: Katie Aselton
Stupid Ex Sayings #8953

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