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Top 14 Stupid Duck Face Quotes

#1. I always loose a little weight on the road, so I constantly have to be on top of my nutrition and hydration. - Author: Matt Cameron
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#2. It wasn't his, it wasn't my fault, we both had nothing except patience, but Death has none. I saw him come (how meanly!) and I watched him as he took and took: none of it I could claim as mine. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#3. Los Angeles: city that was nothing but a slot machine dispensing plastic toys. - Author: Marge Piercy
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#4. He's back!" said George. "Dad's home!" They hurried through the garden and back into the house. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#5. Good ball players make good citizens. - Author: Grover Cleveland
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#6. I'm different than another person who wants to lay back and do nothing for rest of the life and talk nonsense on ESPN ... I will not do that. I want to achieve something else. - Author: Marat Safin
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#7. Wealth and property are the servants of body which is the vehicle of soul of which the essence is knowledge and for which there is honor of soul. - Author: Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
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#8. Patience protects you from deception - Author: A.R. Bernard
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#9. She looked across the table the same time Ash looked up, dark eyebrows coming down low over blazing blue eyes. She grinned. Checkmate. - Author: Joannah Miley
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#10. I don't have a Twitter account. - Author: Anna Chlumsky
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#11. The United States started to go downhill when it changed from a round designed to kill the enemies of our glorious republic to one designed to piss them off," Faith said, shooting a zombie five times, then walking up and shooting the still-thrashing infected in the head. "Seriously, just die, okay? - Author: John Ringo
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#12. Maybe he had become addicted after all - addicted to being the pivot point, to being as central as that crucial joint between copulating man and woman, but with a danger that did not know the bounds of orgasm. - Author: Victor Robert Lee
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#13. I have a deposition Monday, I have a career - !" "You haven't anymore. What you have is here, in Rhadaz. I won't apologize," Merrida said flatly. "If your loss is great, it would be an impertinence. - Author: Ru Emerson
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#14. I don't have the self-discipline for diets; I break rules I set for myself, so I try and eat more healthily, juice more, and avoid sugar. - Author: Sally Phillips
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