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Top 7 Struggling Friendship Quotes

#1. I can't believe I survived, not only my life, but I am still playing football 'cause half of those eight or nine years I don't even remember. - Author: Brett Favre
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#2. He is a principled man, and compassionate, someone who will remind himself of your best qualities while struggling to forgive your worst. In short, he is a friend. - Author: Tracy Guzeman
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#3. I'm a sucker for 'When Harry Met Sally' and all that romantic stuff. - Author: Jason Fuchs
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#4. We work crazy hours in Silicon Valley; my wife says we're all kind of diseased in some way. We're totally obsessive compulsive - when we see an idea, we're like, 'let me in, it's so much fun.' - Author: Tony Fadell
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#5. It's easy for men to be friends as close as brothers when they're poor and struggling, but much harder when things are going well. Friends are never as close as blood. Remember that, Rat. - Author: Ken Liu
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#6. I thought, Here is a person who can wear the world so lightly. Why wouldn't I love her? Who wouldn't want to be by her side forever?

You got in trouble for loving her?

Of course, But there's no real effective punishment for love. Is there? - Author: Rebecca Rotert
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#7. She saw that he knew what loneliness was, that he understood why it might be raining inside a person even when the sun shone, that sadness needed no immediate cause. - Author: Jan-Philipp Sendker
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