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#1. What time do you need to be at work tomorrow, Hon?' Lexi asks.
Well, Ruby's back, so nine o'clock.'
What does Ruby being back have to do with anything?'
She's the human stopwatch, remember? Marriage doesn't change everything. - Author: Erynn Mangum
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#2. Take a random group of 8-year-old American and Japanese kids, give them all a really, really hard math problem, and start a stopwatch. The American kids will give up after 30, 40 seconds. If you let the test run for 15 minutes, the Japanese kids will not have given up. You have to take it away. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#3. I have a saying 'train, don't strain.' The Americans have the saying 'no pain, no gain' and that's why they have no distance running champions. They get down to the track with a stopwatch and flog their guts out thinking that it'll make them a champion, but they'll never make a champion that way. - Author: Arthur Lydiard
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#4. It is probably a full description of Henry Lawsy's mind that if you had given him a book called How to Improve Your Mind in Five Minutes, he would have read it with a stopwatch. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#5. My style is unique and random. But I think it's important that it still makes sense. - Author: Jess Glynne
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#6. You cannot bullshit the stopwatch. - Author: Jade Gurss
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#7. Two silent time zones had now merged to form the standard time of one man's fate; and it is not impossible that the poet in New Wye and the thug in New York awoke that morning at the same crushed beat of their Timekeeper's stopwatch. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#8. And your wife, she's in the pink and so on?"
His expressions were also boyish.
"Very bonny, thank you," said Smiley, trying gallantly to respond in kind. - Author: John Le Carre
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#9. Most forms of rage, after all, are only sloppy cloaks for grief. - Author: Steve Almond
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#10. Even now that I only have one eye, maybe I see more things than before. My life was completely against the clock, a fight against the stopwatch. - Author: Maria De Villota
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#11. They say ... the stopwatch never lies. Speed kills but absolute speed kills absolutely. - Author: Al Davis
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#12. The imprecision in the way languages express time is related to the imprecision in the way we experience and remember it. Though no one experiences time as coarsely as the handful of distinctions in a tense system would suggest, we don't live by a mental stopwatch either. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#13. It's about time that society accepts people for who they are. - Author: Kesha
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#14. Bunches of flowers and kisses, their bodies locked together by a stopwatch.
Descriptive on an affair - Author: Susan Richards Shreve
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#15. Watch the film, not the stopwatch. - Author: Chuck Noll
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#16. Pain-soaked joints. Endless miles. Concessions and compromises. Soon, finally, everything would come down to a few irretrievable revolutions of a stopwatch. - Author: Lisa Luciano
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#17. The stopwatch doesn't lie. The tape measure doesn't lie. - Author: Daley Thompson
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#18. I've got 50,000 Facebook fans inside of Iran, and Facebook is banned in Iran. I think the people who follow 'Humans of New York' the most after New York City is Tehran. I have a really special affection for the Persian people because they've really taken to my work. - Author: Brandon Stanton
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