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Top 7 Stop Posting Stupid Quotes

#1. The true nature of the world was weirder than any bizarre fabric that anyone might weave from the warp and weft of imagination's loom. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#2. Today is the day after my wedding. And nothing is the way I expected it to be. - Author: Rachel Abbott
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#3. You said you wanted to forget everything. But ... I don't want you to ever forget a thing that happened between us. Ever."
The most gentle of smiles passes over Ashton's face. "Irish, if there's one thing I've never been able to forget, it's single second with you. - Author: K.A. Tucker
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#4. People are gonna disappoint you sometimes. We're flawed creatures. Not one of us is perfect, not even you, and you've gotta let people mess up and then you've gotta forgive them. That's just life. - Author: Jenny Han
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#5. It's one thing to be in love; it's another to act because of love. Love is a noun - a feeling you have - and it's also a verb, something you do. - Author: Rob Bell
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#6. Sometimes, you don't even realise anything is wrong until someone comes along and changes you, and makes you want more. - Author: Mia Sheridan
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#7. When you think of bike couriers, you think of hyper speed. They get paid by how fast they can drop stuff off. The faster you go, the more chances you take. And the more chances you take, the greater the war between cyclists and cars. - Author: Dan Hill
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