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#1. The Muses were dumb while Apollo lectured. - Author: Charles Lamb
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#2. I've said many times that in a way I think it might have been Bo who saved me. I was trying to save him, but I came out the other side a better person for knowing him. - Author: Mercy Celeste
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#3. All goes back to the earth, and so I do not desire pride of excess or power, but the contentments made by men who have had little: the fisherman's silence receiving the river's grace, the gardener's musing on rows ... - Author: Wendell Berry
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#4. We got places to go, people to meet, and things to blow up!
That needs to be cross-stiched on a pillow - Author: Ezekiel Carsella
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#5. The mark of a good book is that you're happy to come home to it. The mark of a great book is that you occasionally schedule your life to stay home with it. - Author: Derek Thompson
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#6. Somehow I took whatever criticism there was very much to heart. - Author: Dusty Springfield
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#7. Could that be why Treslove so often found himself alone? Was he protecting himself against the companioned happiness he longed for because he dreaded how he would feel when it was taken from him? - Author: Howard Jacobson
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#8. You're like a doll I had when I was a kid. She was all stiched together and her head kept falling off, but I loved that doll. That's what you look like. Like somebody just loved you to death. - Author: Dia Reeves
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#9. Perception through emptiness is existential, as the transience of all phenomena affirms the indivisibility of existence itself, before, within and behind all manifestation. - Author: Georgi Y. Johnson
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#10. This is also a book abut God, about what it means
and what it doesn't mean
to believe. - Author: Emily P. Freeman
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#11. We live in uncertain times when it comes to the future of life on Earth. - Author: Jeff Corwin
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#12. Oh, women's god-damn coyness makes it difficult for men to probe their minds; it could be either a shield for their modesty or a shroud of their coquetry. - Author: BS Murthy
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#13. The less determined and the less motivated weed themselves out. - Author: Chuck Daly
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#14. I cannot think why you love me,' he said, as all lovers say; but with more anxiety in his voice than is usual. 'Oh, I am nothing without you,' she said. 'I should not know what to be. I feel as if you had invented me. I watch you inventing me, week after week - Author: Elizabeth Taylor
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#15. There is no friendship between kings. - Author: Jayne Castel
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#16. Art in painting should consist only of the representation of things that are visible and tangible. - Author: Gustave Courbet
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