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#1. There was something undifferentiated and yet complete, which existed before Heaven and Earth. Soundless and formless, it depends on nothing and does not change. It operates everywhere and is free from danger. It may be considered the mother of the universe. I do not know its name; I call it Tao. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#2. Haven't you learned you should never judge a book by its cover? There is a lot of assumptions you've made based on appearance. - Author: S.J.D. Peterson
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#3. What do sad people have in common? It seems they have all built a shrine to the past and often go there and do a strange wail and worship. What is the beginning of Happiness? It is to stop being so religious like that. - Author: Hafez
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#4. I make my weaknesses my strengths and my stengths stronger. - Author: Lisa Fernandez
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#5. Firearms, if you think about it, are power tools. They drill holes in things and chew things up. That's their purpose. The purpose of the user is, quite simply, to puncture and destroy the right things and not the wrong things. - Author: Massad Ayoob
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#6. I call it 'new forms'. When you're starting out, they ask you to do four or five minute sets, but once you're a headliner, you do like 90 minutes. I try to think of different things to divvy up the show, like doing drawings, playing music ... I gotta carry the show, that's the problem. - Author: Demetri Martin
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