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#1. A lot of male actors are method actors and they become the characters which they both were. - Author: Izabella Scorupco
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#2. India has the right, if she only knew, of becoming the predominant partner by reason of her numbers, geographical position and culture inherited for ages. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#3. Anyone who wants more out of life and is frustrated enough to do something about it can learn and apply what winners do. - Author: Larry Weidel
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#4. An optimist sees rainbows when there is rain. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#5. Your money should be at work at all times. - Author: Donald Trump
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#6. That is a lot of the reason I do what I do, to really spread the word and spread information and turn people onto different things they may not be, y'know, aware of. That is what Naked City is certainly about. - Author: John Zorn
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#7. The huntsman couldn't bear to kill Snow White, of course, so presented instead the organs of a pig. According to the original Grimms' tale the Queen inspected them, was satisfied, then ate them "salted and cooked. - Author: Gavin Francis
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#8. I believe if I stay tall and run up high, I can see better. - Author: Eric Dickerson
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#9. You know, it's not the people in Hollywood who go to see movies that will make a movie successful; it's the people all around the country; it's word-of-mouth. - Author: Pia Zadora
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#10. Love where there is no reason to love - Author: Sangharakshita
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#11. Bodies are becoming our personal mission to tame, extend and perfect. - Author: Susie Orbach
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#12. Nothing in my life ever happened that was as important to me as learning to read. - Author: Bobbie Louise Hawkins
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#13. I have been working up until recently with Neil Simon, who has been adapting the character to me. - Author: Paula Abdul
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#14. And how can anyone give you happiness who hasn't got it himself? - Author: Edith Wharton
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#15. As for being a voice in politics, I feel whether you are famous or not, busy or not, it's incumbent upon every citizen to participate in this government in any way we can. - Author: Elayne Boosler
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