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#1. Stay away from these three people if you want to lead a happy healthy stress free life. Lawyers,Doctors and Priests. Lawyers take your money,Doctors take your health and Priests take your soul. - Author: Lou Silluzio
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#2. Give me liberty or give me death.
[From a speech given at Saint John's Church in Richmond, Virginia on March 23, 1775 to the Virginia House of Burgesses; as first published in print in 1817 in William Wirt's Life and Character of Patrick Henry.] - Author: Patrick Henry
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#3. At the end of the day, no one gets away with anything, I've found. - Author: Elizabeth George
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#4. I'm not handled. I'm not crafted by slick, high-priced consultants. I'm a real person, a genuine person, a struggling person in Connecticut. - Author: Lee Whitnum
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#5. Although the garment was beautifully designed and well made, the color, a dark velvet that captured the intense tones of a ripe plum or black cherries, would prove a jarring clash with her hair. She added ruefully, "Not with this carrot top. I'll look a fright. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#6. I choose to live without hope to protect myself from disappointment. It's very effective! - Author: Spencer Kayden
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#7. The Secret to a long and healthy life is to be stress-free. Be grateful for everything you have, stay away from people who are negative stay smiling and keep running. - Author: Fauja Singh
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#8. History is an enigmatic mistress who likes to keep her lovers on their toes - Author: Anonymous
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#9. Necessity is literally the mother of invention. - Author: Plato
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#10. What might once have been called whining is now exalted as a process of asserting selfhood; self-absorption is regarded as a form of self-expression ... - Author: Wendy Kaminer
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#11. When I was a waiter I was fired twice from the same restaurant. I guess I was that good of an actor but that bad of a waiter. - Author: Nathan Fillion
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#12. FAY: The British police force used to be run by men of integrity. TRUSCOTT: That is a mistake which has been rectified. - Author: Joe Orton
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#13. Power without guilt, love without doubt.... - Author: Madonna
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#14. Un homme qui lit, ou qui pense, ou qui calcule, appartient a' l'espe' ce et non au sexe; dans ses meilleurs moments, il e chappe me me a' l'humain. A person who reads or thinks or calculates, belongs to a kind and not to a gender; in his or her best moments, he or she escapes being human. - Author: Stephanie Crayencour
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#15. It is a danger to wait around for an idea to occur to you. You have to find the idea. - Author: Gerhard Richter
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