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#1. There was a time when television was sort of frowned upon among people who wanted to be serious artists. John Travolta kind of exploded that. He was one of the [actors] who made that go away.

David Rasche

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#2. The Garden of Eden still exists; there are just no people in it.

Marty Rubin

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#3. I have been studying now for about 2 years, on a rather intensive basis, the UFO problem. I have interviewed several hundred witnesses in selected cases, and I am astonished at what I have found.

James MacDonald

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#4. It's always been about the songs for us. It doesn't matter about all the image stuff. We're really about making songs that people can relate to, that we love, that they will love, that we will enjoy playing live.

Chuck Comeau

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#5. Most of us are degraded in one way or another.

Ethel Lilian Voynich

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#6. ..allegation[s] of flirting dripping from his lips like drops from a leaky faucet.

Michael Callahan

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#7. Muhammad's example must have had a lasting effect on his early followers: as Nabia Abbott has shown, throughout the first two centuries of Islam, Muslims regularly read the Torah alongside the Quran. Certainly,

Reza Aslan

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#8. Let no one be ashamed to say yes today if yesterday he said no. Or to say no today if yesterday he said yes. For that is life. Never to have changed-what a pitiable thing of which to boast!

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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#9. I love the plus (fashion) industry! It embraces a lot of women who would otherwise disappear into the background. I truly love what I do!

Liris Crosse

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#10. I get really afraid of those little comforts, those things that make us feel like we did something great, because I've done nothing. I've done nothing. I mean that sincerely.

Lauryn Hill

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#11. I've never been fired in my life.

Kara DioGuardi

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#12. Why should Dickie want to come back to subways and taxis and starched collars and a nine-to- five job? Or even a chauffeured car and vacations in Florida and Maine? It wasn't as much fun as sailing a boat in old clothes and being answerable to nobody for the way

Patricia Highsmith

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#13. I was made to feel I could do things. If you get this feeling early and can hold it until you're 15, you tend to never lose it.

John Updike

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#14. Suspense is irksome, disappointment bitter.

Charlotte Bronte

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#15. Shore of the lake, at the distance of rather more than a league

Mary Shelley

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