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Top 28 Stalin Soviet Union Quotes

#1. Of course, it's a great joy to be able to perform. And that love affair with an audience, where you give love and they give love back - it's a romantic situation. - Author: Barry Crocker
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#2. This is why people touch. Sometimes words are just not enough. - Author: Nicola Yoon
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#3. Don't look at the colors that are there, V. Look at the colors that aren't. - Author: David Arnold
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#4. Unlike other dictators, Stalin and his satraps never made the mistake of believing themselves beloved
on the contrary they saw plots under every stone. - Author: Anna Reid
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#5. Under Lenin the Soviet Union was like a religious revival, under Stalin like a prison, under Khrushchev like a circus, and under Brezhnev like the U.S. Post Office. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#6. What is the secret of Stalin's unquestioned strength? He controls every wheel and screw of the party machine, which is the source of authority and power in the Soviet Union. - Author: Louis Fischer
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#7. I had the fleeting thought then that we are each of us pathetic in one way or another, and the trick is to marry a person whose patheticness you can tolerate. - Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
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#8. By May, 1st, 1937, there should not be one single church left within the borders of Soviet Russia, and the idea of God will have been banished from the Soviet Union as a remnant of the Middle Ages, which has been used for the purpose of oppressing the working classes. - Author: Joseph Stalin
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#9. Psychology and economics are Stalin's favorable winds. He is also the party 'boss.' But he is, in addition, the Soviet Union's most striking personality. - Author: Louis Fischer
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#10. In the Soviet Union, it's takes more courage to retreat than advance. - Author: Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
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#11. Writers are engineers of human souls. - Author: Yury Olesha
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#12. I think behind closed doors people behave differently no matter what period we're looking at, because people have to stand up straight in public but can slouch behind closed doors - can you imagine wearing those corsets? - Author: Brenda Blethyn
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#13. Modern capitalist nations are the fruit of a history of slavery, genocide, violence and exploitation every bit as abhorrent as Mao's China or Stalin's Soviet Union. - Author: Terry Eagleton
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#14. To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness. - Author: Robert Brault
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#15. Stalin was formed by much more than a miserable childhood, just as the USSR was formed by much more than Marxist ideology. - Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
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#16. I would like you to pause for a moment, and to record your own feelings about smoking: what you think it does for you, why you smoke and why you want to - Author: Allen Carr
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#17. I've been paying alimony since I was 14 and child support since 15. That's a joke, but not by much. - Author: Don Adams
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#18. Christianity spreads through the joy of disciples who know that they are loved and saved. - Author: Pope Francis
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#19. The Soviet Union at this time was being run by the Communists, a group of men fierce in their dedication to wearing hilariously bad suits. Their leader was Josef Stalin (Russian for "Joey Bananas") - Author: Dave Barry
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#20. Graze on my lips, and if those hills be dry, stray lower where the pleasant fountains lie - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#21. And yonder all before us lie Deserts of vast eternity. - Author: Andrew Marvell
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#22. Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union. - Author: Joseph Stalin
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#23. My television teaches me that everything was wonderful in the Soviet Union. According to the programs I watch, the KGB and apparatchiks were angels, and the Stalin era was so festive that the heroes of the day must still be celebrated today. - Author: Vladimir Sorokin
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#24. On the day when I was shot, and on the next day, people raised the banners of 'I am Malala'. They did not say 'I am Taliban.' - Author: Malala Yousafzai
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#25. To lie is always a necessity for women; above all when they choose to deceive, falsehood becomes vital to them. - Author: Marquis De Sade
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#26. After 'A Suitable Boy,' I didn't write anything, not even a short story. I thought to myself: 'I ought to start writing.' But I can never force myself to write. - Author: Vikram Seth
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#27. She gave Stalin the letter and asked him to deliver it; for a moment, at least, one of the great murderers of the twentieth century played mailman for a young girl in love. - Author: David Remnick
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#28. The lives lost are of less consequence than the spoils gained. - Author: Hugh Howey
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