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Top 15 Sports Analytics Quotes

#1. Another big ripping sound. Jesus. Had they brought supernatural dynamite in to tear the whole place apart? - Author: Lili St. Crow
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#2. To all the leaders of the world ... Put all hatred and abuse to bed. Blanket all of HUMANITY with PEACE and Kindness! - Author: Timothy Pina
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#3. I believe in, and will to the best of my ability fight for, equal rights and freedom of opinion for everyone, regardless of colour, religion, nationality, orientation - you know the rest. - Author: Binyavanga Wainaina
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#4. I do not believe it is all about the leader. I think it's about the team, too. So we have one mission; we have one team; we are working to victory. - Author: David Cunliffe
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#5. There is nothing I love more than traveling to a place where I know nobody, and where everything will be a surprise, and then writing about it. It's like having a new lover - even the parts you aren't crazy about have the crackling fascination of the unfamiliar. - Author: Ariel Levy
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#6. It is usually easier to see what lies on the surface of a person rather than taking the time and attention to delve deeper. ~ Lord John "Jack" Byron - Author: Tracy Anne Warren
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#7. Mess with my weed again and I'll be informing Daddy that there was an early casualty on the mission. I saw him wince at my designation for Mircea and grinned. - Author: Karen Chance
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#8. Stories give you a way to see things. A way to understand the events of your life. Even if you don't realize it while you are hearing the tale. - Author: Matthew Kirby
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#9. Who doesn't want to draw Batman or Superman? Everyone would like to be able to draw them. I've been really lucky when it comes to the characters that I get to illustrate. - Author: Lee Bermejo
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#10. How can the planet keep turning and turning and not get so bored it explodes? - Author: John Updike
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#11. When the prison doors are opened, the real dragon will fly out. - Author: Ho Chi Minh
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#12. Literature is without proofs. By which it must be understood that it cannot prove, not only what it says, but even that it is worth the trouble of saying it. - Author: Roland Barthes
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#13. Analytics only goes so far. Basketball, more than baseball, for example, is really a team sport. - Author: Steve Ballmer
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#14. I'm a bit of an M&M nut. I like the blue ones. I pick them out. - Author: Ryan Reynolds
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#15. I choose you over everyone. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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