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Top 17 Spooky Night Quotes

#1. My mother is black and my father is Filipino. I got the best of both worlds. - Author: Cassie Ventura
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#2. The honeymoon was taking place in the bittersweet mysteries of Indian Summer in New England. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#3. Going across the Tannai Desert was one of the spookiest experiences I've ever had. Not driving during the day; that was fine. And so we camped in an old sort of truck siding, I think. And the silence. The eerie silence and then a dingo howling, and it was just so spooky. I didn't sleep all night. - Author: Joan Kirner
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#4. Whales, for example, also navigate with sound, but they're now beginning to be beached because the ocean is getting too noisy. Weird things like that. I mean this is very real. Like, if you look at the satellites in the sky at night you know it's an eerie sense of we're ... - Author: DJ Spooky
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#5. There is nothing left to do but get drunk. - Author: Franklin Pierce
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#6. That word, calm, sounds impossibly beautiful, gloriously uncomplicated. A water-smooth word, a word that can take the edge away from fear, gloss it over, make it shiny. Calm. Gentle. - Author: Ally Condie
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#7. I swear," Hal said, "this place is like the Bermuda Triangle. It's friggin' spooky. I went out to feed the monkeys last night, and I saw the Easter Bunny walking down the road with Sasquatch. And now there are rockets shooting into the sky from nowhere. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#8. She felt as though she were a statue of ashes - bitter, useless, damned - like the salt statues of Gomorrah. For she was guilty. Those who love God, and by Him are abandoned in the dark of night, are guilty, because they are abandoned. - Author: Pauline Reage
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#9. The implementation measures of both Covenants, but especially those of the Covenant concerning civil and political rights, were considerably weakened to the point where they assumed an optional character. - Author: Rene Cassin
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#10. There's something really fun and spooky about that teenage feeling of narcissism or indestructibility, like the idea that every night might be the night before the world ends. - Author: Alan Palomo
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#11. Everything becomes magnified at night. Sounds travel in a different way, it's dark, and everything seems far more spooky. - Author: Jo Brand
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#12. We need not regard what good a friend has done us, but only his desire to do us good. - Author: Madeleine De Souvre, Marquise De ...
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#13. My neighborhood was like 'The Wonder Years.' We played until 10 o'clock at night. We used to tell scary stories. I was the one scaring them. We used to play football by this place called the Myer's House. It was a big, spooky house with the gables; we'd hang out there and scare each other. - Author: Richard Chizmar
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#14. No. The answer was no, I was not all right. I nearly got knocked out. Knocked out by desire! Desire for forbidden dissimilar molecules - Author: Meg Cabot
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#15. There's so many wonderful gospel people out there, and I don't necessarily want to compete with those people. - Author: Smokey Robinson
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#16. Travel light my child, as the Wanderer travels light, and his love will be with you. - Author: Naomi Mitchison
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#17. Everyone should have a form of a diary it's a great release Most people's Diaries are called "My Diary" Mines called "Conversations with Me". - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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