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#1. She lifted her eyes. Blank, lovely eyes. Mad eyes. A mad girl. - Author: Jean Rhys
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#2. His eyelids fluttered. (Only eyelids do that. And butterflies.) - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#3. Drear ritual turned its wheel. The ferment of the heart, within these walls, was mocked by every length of sleeping shadow. The passions, no greater than candle flames, flickered in Time's yawn, for Gormenghast, huge and adumbrate, out-crumbles all. - Author: Mervyn Peake
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#4. Don't focus on it," she said. "Don't define yourself in terms of something which even many highly trained and gifted professionals do not fully understand. - Author: Elyn R. Saks
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#5. Not without a shudder may the human hand reach into the mysterious urn of destiny. - Author: Friedrich Schiller
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#6. Journalists are pretty much like European union. They don't take 'no' as an answer. - Author: Radovan Kavicky
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#7. Any of us probably could do more important things than we are doing. Any of us could use some changes in our tasks. But none of us - and still stay alive and sane - could do without something to do. - Author: L. Ron Hubbard
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#8. Go find very early versions of things: the first TV pilot of a later-successful TV show; early audition tapes by famous actors; early demos by famous musicians. Focus on these early examples, not what they became over the next 20 years. Remember that what you're doing will constantly improve. - Author: Derek Sivers
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#9. No matter who you are, no matter where you live, and no matter how many people are chasing you, what you don't read is often as important as what you do read. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#10. It's like, once you've seen Tom Hanks win the Golden Globes, the Oscars, you've seen his wife, what kind of car he drives, when you watch his movies, you can't fully get really lost in them. - Author: Justin Theroux
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#11. It is among the less privileged groups relatively new to leisure and consumption that the zest for possessions retains something of its pristine energy. - Author: David Riesman
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#12. My coat and I live comfortably togther. It has assumed all my wrinkles, does not hurt me anywhere, has moulded itself on my deformities, and is complacent to all my movements, and I only feel its presence because it keeps me warm. Old coats and old friends are the same thing. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#13. With fear, you crawl on the ground; without fear, you fly in the skies! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#14. Instead, we were given a publication called the Weekly Reader, which was like a newspaper for four-foot illiterates. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#15. When honor dies - when trust is a useless thing - what use is life? - Author: Diane Duane
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