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Top 15 Speechless Book Quotes

#1. And much later, long after Bastian had returned to his world, in his maturity and
even in his old age, this joy never left him entirely. Even in the hardest moments of hislife he preserved a lightheartedness that made him smile and that comforted others.

Michael Ende

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#2. I knew I wanted to be some kind of artist from about 12. I met a neighbour who drew cartoons, and I had an idea I wanted to be a cartoonist - or something that involved Indian ink, at any rate.

Edward Ruscha

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#3. My soul is dark with stormy riot: directly traced over to diet.

Samuel Hoffenstein

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#4. Al Gore is producing enough hot air to make his doomsday predictions about global warming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Joseph Farah

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#5. Hitler's cave was much more than a wine cellar; it was a symbol of cruelty and greed, of Nazi Germany's hunger for wealth and riches.

Don Kladstrup

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#6. We all know that a beautiful face is an important aspect of an actor's personality if he or she wants to make it big in Bollywood.

Anushka Sharma

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#7. People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it's simply necessary to love.

Claude Monet

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#8. The trick to great romance is in overcoming adversity. In realizing that love is worth some uphill climbs.

Sarah MacLean

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#9. I always felt like the male from the time I was a child. There wasn't much feminine about me.

Chaz Bono

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#10. Every man with a vote was considered a foe to woman suffrage unless he was prepared to be actively a friend.

Emmeline Pankhurst

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#11. I felt like I was cheating myself of those communities and cheating the audience because I wasn't able to know them. That's what the bikes did, without me having to put any arbitrary philosophy on what it was supposed to be. It enabled human connection.

Ben Sollee

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#12. I went to the Gobi Desert, even though I had no scenes there. This is the greatness of China, the landscape, even for us.

Michelle Yeoh

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#13. Stop worrying about tomorrow. Stop thinking about yesterday. Mindfulness is to be here now, in the moment. Focus on this moment.

Frederick Lenz

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#14. I'm a natural blonde, but my hair has been almost every color you can imagine. As an actor, I like to get into my character as much as I can, and often that starts with the color of my hair.

Jennifer Morrison

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#15. Speechless and very nearly panting, she fell back against the wall with a thump, knowing that if she lived to be ninety, she would still carry the searing mark of that kiss on her soul.
"At last," he murmured. "A way to shut you up." Christovao Santos (Chris), Sanctuary

Sharon K. Garner

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